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So here is what I’ve read in 2009…. as far as I’ve managed to keep track of things, that is. Joining the One Book A Week Club at LibriVox helped a great deal…:

1. Deeper by Jeff Long: Good but with a rather strange ending
2. Just another kid by Torey Hayden: interesting
3. Twilight children by Torey Hayden: interesting but it’s always the same
4. Brisingr by Christopher Paolini: Great, much better than Eldest
5. Heartstopper by Joy Fielding: good
6. GlΓΌck ich sehe dich anders by Melanie Ahrens: didn’t like that one, too depressing
7. Spuren im Schnee by Julie Hill: didn’t like that one either
8. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer: more or less ok, but not nearly as good as I would have expected given the hype
9. New Moon by Stephanie Meyer: liked that one better than Twilight (finally the story starts to get interesting)
10. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer: ok too
11. Breaking dawn by Stephanie Meyer: ok too
12. Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult: Great, one of my favs
13. Copycat by Gillian White: Great, must have read it a 100 times
14. The probable Future by Alice Hoffman: Great but a little strange (will def. reread it some time)
15. Tintenblut by Cornelia Funke: Great, one of my favs
16. Tintenherz by Cornelia Funke: Great, one of my favs
17. Tintentod by Cornelia Funke: Great, one of my favs
18. A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini: Good
19. Clover by Susan Coolidge: love it
20. Thrid Degree by Greg Iles: great book, author is one of my favs.
21. What happened to Nancy by anonymus: ok
22. Miriam’s song by Miriam Mathabane als told to Mark Mathabane: good
23. Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane: great
24. Where are you now? by Mary Higgins Clark: good, author is one of my favs.
25. Host by Stephanie Meyer: never finished reading that one, the Twilight series loads (!) better, but I didnt get through the first couple of pages
26. Der kleine Lord by F. H. Burnett: love it (recording it as a solo, but haven’t quite finished it yet)
27. In the High Valley by Susan Coolidge: love it (my first finished solo)
28. Me&Emma by Elizabeth Flock: awesome
29. -32. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin: all time fav (i’m more or less reading it on and off constantly)
33. Alice’s Abenteuer im Wunderland by Lewis Carroll: loved it (duet with Kara)

…kinda lost track after that. πŸ™„

There are loads and loads more (and not even counting all that I’ve listened to). But I guess I’ve listed the most important! πŸ˜€

I’m always on the lookout for good new (or old ;)) books to read! So if you’ve suggestions, they are always welcome!


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akinator_1_defiSome time ago I discovered this funny (and really marvellous) webpage called Akinator! (I think I already wrote about that one in my old blog… but well I’m too lazy to check right now! ;))

Anyway I just misclicked a link in my “well sorted” bookmarks folder and chanced across it again. It’s sooo funny.

There is this little genie, who really is a genius. All you have to do is think of a more or less famous person and answer the questions he asks you… after a couple of questions he is almost always able to tell you, whom you’ve chosen!

It’s almost impossible to beat him with anything recent or even remotely modern! He even knew “Nymeria” (Arya Stark’s direwolf cub from “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin) BUT I beat him with Remi (orphaned boy from “Nobody’s Boy”)!! 😎

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Looking for group

Richard- Chief Warlock of the brothers of darkness, Lord of the 13 hells, Master of the bones, Emporer of the black, Lord of the undead and mayor of a little village up the coast

Richard- Chief Warlock of the brothers of darkness, Lord of the 13 hells, Master of the bones, Emporer of the black, Lord of the undead and mayor of a little village up the coast

Looking for Group” is a really good e-comic! It starts out with Cale’non, a very nice, charming elf, meeting Richard (that’s the guy in the pic). While Cale’non wants to be hero and only do good, Richard is an “evil”warlock, who enjoys killing and destroying. After a few difficulities right at the beginning, one involving Richard reducing Cale’non to ashes, the two of them kind of end up traveling together…

Here is an example of the dialogue and my very fav. part of the comic (Cale’non is in ashes… Richard’s punishment for making fun of his name ;)):

Cale’non:”I think I require the services of a healer.”

Richard:”Walk it off you pussy.”

Anyway the comic is incredibly funny and makes good reading! It’s one of those that make you laugh all the way through! There is a new page every other week and even a movie is planned!

Here is a short video about “evil” Richard! It’s weird but really great at the same time and the music is awesome! (Just can’t think of from where I know the music right now.) But let me forewarn you it’s not for the faint hearted! πŸ˜‰

Btw. there are a couple more vids on the homepage and a lot of cool wallpapers! (the link is right on top of this post!)

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Today the LibriVox Community Podcast 106 went online! This time it’s about the 4th LibriVox anniversary!!!

Happy birthday, LibriVox!!!

The Podcast is a tribute to the last 4 awesome years… (of which I’ve only been part for the last 4 months. ;)) It’s wonderful to listen to lots of different people sharing their thoughts, hear about the first baby steps of LV or poetry read out in different languages… and of course Neeru and my section about “The ten things we love about LV”.

So everybody, who is starting to feel curious by now, should click HERE to listen!!!


Moving on to an older Podcast now!!! LibriVox Community Podcast 104Since I’ve discontinued my old blog, due to computer troubles…. I’ll use the opportunity to talk a little about the podcast Neeru and I hosted a couple of weeks ago!

It was the LibriVox Community Podcast 104, which can be found HERE. This podcast was about:

*quoting myself from old blog* “We are talking about LibriVox Addiction and about how LibriVox is invading our lives. *note to self: must remember to write about LibriVox soon*
For this we got lots of fellow Librivoxateers to record their symptoms, which vary from weird Librivoxy dreams to imaginations that run wild. It’s great fun to listen and it was even more fun to put everything together.

At this point I want to say thanks to everybody who did contribute and especially to Neeru, who persuaded me to join, wrote most of the script and spent hours fiddling with the editing. I’m already totally looking forward to our next Librivoxy project. πŸ™‚ ” *unquoting myself*

Btw. here can you find what Neeru wrote about our Podcast!


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