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With Halloween coming up, I decided to knit a pair of proper Halloween socks for myself. The pattern is from ravelry.com and a link to it can be found on my project page (aravis83).

Halloween socks

It’s my first attempt at knitting with different colors and it’s a LOT harder than it looks. Actually the whole thing is a real mess… I’m constantly getting entangled, everything twists and turns, there are huge loops of yarn in the back and at one point even a nasty snarl, I couldn’t get rid of. In fact I’ve probably spent more time untangling things than I have spent with the actual knitting.

I’m just glad the Jack O’Lanterns are recognizeable in spite of the hideous mistake I made. (Miscounted the stitches at one point and only realized much later and just couldn’t face ripping it and doing it over again.) Perhaps that’s the reason, why my pumpkins don’t look as scary as I would have liked. 😉

Apart from my “knitting woes”, I’ve managed to produce the most wonderful (and probably most embarrassing) blooper yesterday, when recording the first chapter of “Der Weihnachtsabend” (A Christmas Carol), my new solo.

What I’m trying to say is: “…Der Inhaber einer kleinen, jungen Nase, benagt und angebissen von der hungrigen Kälte, wie Knochen von Hunden benagt werden, legte sich an Scrooges Schlüsselloch, um ihn mit einem Weihnachtslied zu erfreuen…”

I ended up reading the sentence like this: “…legte sich an Scrooges <insert longish pause with a deep exasperated sigh> Schlüsselloch…”! Editing fixed it nicely! 😉


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Today I uploaded my 300. LibriVox recording! YAY!!! 😎 *so proud*

300. LibriVox Recording


It’s Peter Rosegger’s “Der erste Christbaum in der Waldheimat” (roughly translated it means: The first Christmas tree in the Waldheimat), which I recorded for the German Adentskalender 2010! (That’s a collection of 24 texts for each day leading up to Christmas and of course all texts are about Christmas, snow, fir trees, Santa Claus, cookies, reindeer… ).

“Der erste Christbaum in der Waldheimt” is a cute story about how the narrator surprised his little brother with a Christmas tree, which also was the first tree in his remote Austrian village.

So here it is:

Listen! It’s fun! 😀

Oh and here are my 299 other recordings:


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Yesterday I started a new solo. It’s “Der Weihnachtsabend –  Eine Geistergeschichte” by Charles Dickens. That’s the German translation of the famous “Christmas Carol”.

I have never read it before and so I’m quite curious about it. Of course I more or less know the story from various movies, so it will be doubly interesting to read it now. This year’s Christmas is my target completion date! 😀

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Yesterday I finished my “Hermione Mitts”… just in time as the weather turned from pleasant warm late automn sunshine to foggy cold Halloween rain.


Hermione Mitts

For my mitts I modified that pattern I used for the Hermione Hat, I did some weeks ago. I worked it on 48 stitches with k1, p1 rib around for about 5 cm. The actual pattern I only worked on the front side of the mitt with 14 stitches: k4, p5, k6, p5, k4 following the instructions from the Hermione Hat pattern exactly. (The other side is just plain knit)

For the increase: knit two rounds plain after ribbing, then begin increases; knit two rounds plain, then increase two stitches on right side and two stitches on left side. Repeat for a total of three times, ending with increase round. Then, *knit two rounds pain. Next round: increase two stites at thumb. Work k2tog YO twice at opposite side of the mitten. Repeat from * for a total of three times. (Thanks so much, Kara for sorting out my knitting instructions! 😀 )

I just love the way it turned out. They are just a tiny bit too large for my hands, but that probably makes them just extra comfy! 😀

Details and more pics are as usual on my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/hceh3

Apart from knitting I’ve lately become addicted to playing Trainyard. It’s awesome and lots of fun! One of the best puzzle games ever and it lets you upload your solutions. I just love comparing my with those of others. Here are mine… all of them are of course the only proper way of solving the puzzles: http://www.trainyard.ca/4jtx

Also I’m thinking about doing another short German solo, now that my Struwwelpeter solo is done. I want it to be done in time for Christmas… but I’m not telling yet, what it is going to be! 😉


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Here is another one of my BCing projects that got done recently. It’s a lovely book called “Harding’s Luck” by Edith Nesbit.



Harding’s luck is sequel to E. Nesbit’s “The House of Arden”. It tells the story of Dickie Harding, a disabled boy, who one day accidentelly discovers an old magic, that allows him to travel into his own past. There he meets Elfrida and Edred Arden (as told in “The House of Arden”) and together they seek for a long lost treasure. (Summary by Elli)

I also did the prooflistening (so if you there are sniffles, repeats or other odd stuff in the files, you know who to blame ;)) and loved every minute of it. The story is lovely and exciting and fun and full of the most wonderful magic.

Hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did:


Btw. we also have the first book of the Arden series in our catalog. It’s called “The House of Arden” and tells the story of how Edred and Elfrida Arden rescue their father:



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Another one of by BCing projects recently got cataloged. It’s “Aunt Jane’s Nieces at Millville” by L. Frank Baum. It’s the third book of the series:

Aunt Jane’s Nieces at Millville is a 1908 young-adult novel written by L. Frank

L. Frank Baum

Baum, famous as the creator of the Land of Oz. It is the third volume in “the successful Aunt Jane Series,” following Aunt Jane’s Nieces and Aunt Jane’s Nieces Abroad. Aunt Jane’s Nieces at Millville picks up the story of the three cousins, Patsy Doyle, Beth De Graf, and Louise Merrick, soon after their return from Europe in Aunt Jane’s Nieces Abroad. As in that earlier book, their benign and eccentric millionaire Uncle John devotes much of his fortune to helping others — an effort managed by Patsy’s father, Major Doyle. These efforts do not always yield fiscally sound results… (Summary by Wikipedia)

The audiobook can be found here: http://librivox.org/aunt-janes-nieces-at-millville-by-l-frank-baum/

Have fun listening! 😀

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Today I cataloged “Priester und Detektiv” by Gilbert Keith Chesterton, one my BCing projects. It’s a collection of well known Father Brown (Pater Brown) stories.

Pater Brown ist ein englischer katholischer Pfarrer, der als Hobby Kriminalfälle löst. Dies gelingt ihm, indem er sich in den Täter hineinversetzt, dabei das Verbrechen selbst begeht, wie er sagt. Dabei ist er aber weniger daran interessiert, Verbrecher der irdischen Gerechtigkeit auszuliefern, sondern er will sie zu Gott führen; eine freiwillige Beichte des Täters genügt ihm. Dabei spielt es für ihn keine Rolle, welches Amt diese Person bekleidet. (Zusammenfassung von Wikipedia)

Here is my recording of the last story in the book. It’s called “Die drei Todeswerkzeuge”.

Here is the whole audiobook! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did: http://librivox.org/priester-und-detektiv-pater-brown-geschichten-by-chesterton-g-k/

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A couple of days ago I started another German solo, a really tiny one this time. I called it “Zwei Kindermärchen” by Heinrich Hoffman. I will record the famous “Struwwelpeter”, the story how Struwwelpeter was written and another really cute book called “König Nussknacker und der arme Reinhold”.


So here is my version of Struwwelpeter:

If I can find a bit of time, everything should be recorded and edited this weekend! 😀

(As usual, this LibriVox recording is in the public domain and is completely legal to download!)

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Over the last couple of days I had quite a lot of time to kill. There was absolutely nothing  to do and I even got to the point, where it felt like I had talked to everybody about everything twice. So I spent a lot of time reading the LV forums, everything on archive.org, a vast number of blogs… until it felt like it had read the whole internet.

Apart from that I played about all the games I have on my phone. I’ve become really good at playing “Crystal Defenders” and even beat the first 2 levels. But in “Maestro” I’m hopelessly stuck in Dvorak’s symphony “From the New World”. The music is beautiful and the game is fun, but I’m starting to hate that symphony.

Also I found a wonderful book on knitting. It’s called “Charmed Knits” and contains a lot of cute patterns from the Harry Potter movies. Speaking of knitting, I finished my “Hermione Hat” yesterday. It’s really pretty, but a total failure. Guess I can now officially say, that I have no talent at all for hats. Here is the pic I took, before ripping it all out:

Hermione Hat

Pretty, isn’t it?

Only it’s WAY too small and I messed up the eyelets. There are supposed to be three tiny holes in the purl rows, only they don’t show up. I have no clue as to what went wrong. 😦

Hermione Hat

In this pic it looks a lot bigger than it really is.

On my wanderings through the internet I also discovered 2 books for future German solos. One is called “König Nussknacker und der arme Reinhold” by Heinrich Hoffmann. He is the author of “Struwwelpeter”. It’s a really cute story about sick boy and his fever dreams.

The other one is called “Ohne den Vater” by Agnes Sapper. It’s about a boy living near the border with his family. It’s during the war and one day soldiers come to their house. While the father is forced to lead the soldiers through the woods, the boy and his stepmother and sister have to flee… So far I’ve read the first 2 chapters. I really like it, but before I decide to solo it, I’ll read a bit more to see “how sad it really gets”…

Oh I almost forgot. Kara and I started watching “Mad Men” together. SO much fun!!! At first I couldn’t quite decide whether or not I liked it, but I couldn’t stop either… and now I’m absolutely hooked! I love it, all the details, the beautiful dresses, the actors… only wish Don wouldn’t mumble so much. 😉

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Yesterday I recorded another story by Max Dauthendey. Lately I’ve taken a real liking to his writing. The one I read is called “Im blauen Licht von Penang”, which means “In the blue light of Penang”:

The story is about a photographer and his wife. In a strange dream the wife plunges a needle into a piece of cloth saying the word “Lulau”. If you’d like to find out what happens afterwards you’ll have to listen… 😉

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