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Proudly presenting my finished LibriVox solo recording of German short stories for kids: http://librivox.org/erzaehlungen-fuer-kinder-von-various/ 😀

Here is the official summary:

Neben berühmten Erzählungen wie “Max und Moritz – Eine Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen” von Wilhelm Busch und zwei der weniger bekannten Texten von Heinrich Hoffmann (Autor von Struwwelpeter) enthält diese Sammlung insgesamt 20 kurze Erzählungen, Gedichte und Märchen für Kinder. (Zusammenfassung von Elli)

Max und Moritz

It’s a collection of 20 short stories for children… some well known and some probably long forgotten. A few of the texts were very hard to read, as the quality of the scans often was rather bad and the old writing made it doubly hard… still I had a lot of fun recording those old stories and there are some real treasures among them. I think the one I liked best was “Etwas von den Wurzelkindern” by Sibylle but also the two by Heinrich Hoffmann were really good. Anyway most of the texts have beautiful pictures, so you might want to read along. 😀

Here is my recording of Max und Moritz:

Hope you’ll have as much fun listening as I had recording them. 😀

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At the moment I’m down with a nasty cold and more or less had to spend all week in bed. After feeling absolutely miserable for the first few days I’m somewhat better now and also rather bored.

To make time pass faster I did  a lot of knitting. I finished those 9 to 5 socks, I blogged about last week and here is the most recent pair of finished socks:

Circle Sock

The socks turned out really really well and I love how the circles look… but for some reason I didn’t enjoy the pattern. Making those circles was a major pain and so incredibly slow that it made me feel like the sock wasn’t “growing” at all… probably I’m just to impatient because the pattern actually was supereasy. 😉

Anyway here is my rav. page with all yarn/needle details and more pics: http://ravel.me/aravis83/pld53

After all those socks I’ve done lately it’s time for another big knitting project and so I’m working on a cardigan now. No pics yet, but here is the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/making-waves-cardigan

Apart from knitting, I watched quite a lot of “Breaking Bad” and I’m halfway through the second season now. It’s really awesome, but I’m no longer sure I acutally  “like” it… there is just so much violence and disgusting and scary stuff. Still it’s quite fascinating and it certainly keeps me glued to the screen.

Oh and I started to read “Confusion” by Elizabeth Jane Howard which is the third book of the Cazalet Chronicles. Basically it’s the story of quite a large family and tells of their everyday life, their troubles and joys. This volume is set during WWII and so far I love  it, though it started out quite sad.

Of course I’ve also played about every video game I could get hold of. Yesterday I finished “Snark Busters” (YAY me! 😉 ), which was amazingly good. Normally I don’t enjoy hidden object games much, but this one had such pretty pics and the story was quite interesting too. Right now I’m totally addicted to “Cradle of Rome” and “Drawn – The Painted Tower“. Oh and I’m still fighting my way through “Zelda – Occarina of Time” which is absolutely amazing… but also very, very hard and will certainly keep me occupied for many more hours.  😀

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And another post to show off yet another pair of knit socks: 😉

9 to 5 socks

The socks turned out absolutely wonderful and I just love how intricate the pattern looks, though it was actually easy to knit…  after I figured out how to do those cables, that is. 😉 Also the socks are incredibly stretchy which makes them doubly comfy to wear.

While knitting I listened to “Marked” by P.C. and Kristen Cast. It’s the first book of the “House of Night” series, which basically is yet another teenage vampire high school story. The story is ok and there is a lot less whining than in “Twilight” (don’t get me wrong… there still is a considerable amount 😉 ), but nothing ever seems to happen… and there certainly is no creepyness or blood or anything I’d expect of a good vampire story. Also Zoe the main character is of course the typical, totally insecure teenager (and constantly going on and on and on about totally uninteresting things) and she of course has super special powers which none of the others have.

Anyway I haven’t quite finished listening yet. So maybe the story will get awesome all of a sudden, but so far I don’t like it much. Also the language of the book sounds a bit forced… like the authors were trying too hard to sound like teenagers (and failing miserablely).

Also I started to watch “Breaking Bad” while knitting. So far I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes, but I really like it. The main character played by Bryan Cranston (Hal from Malcolm in the Middle) is amazingly good… much better than I would have thought. The only thing I don’t like so far is that sometimes a bit too much is shown…. there is a particularly disgusting bit in episode 2 where an in acid dissolved body, well the gooey remains with bits of bone still in it, comes crashing through the ceiling. YUCK!

Anyway back to socks, which were what I intended to blog about. 😉 The pattern can be found here… along with all needle, yarn details and more pics:  http://ravel.me/aravis83/s35hd 😀

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Yesterday I cataloged my very first dramatic work at LibriVox. It’s a short German play called “Kasperl in der Türkei” by Franz Graf von Pocci. Here is a short summary:

Kasperl in der Türkei

Franz Graf von Pocci, der „Kasperlgraf“ verfasste mehr als 40 Kasperlstücke für das Marionettentheater mit Themen aus der Märchen- und Sagenwelt sowie Beiträge für die Münchener Bilderbogen. Seine Kasperlgeschichten ranken sich um den Kasperl Larifari, der jedoch kein netter Held, sondern eine eher ambivalente Figur ist. Larifari weist auch dunkle Seiten auf und ist als ein nie erwachsen gewordener Erwachsener zu verstehen. Er hat nie die Chance, in einer intakten Familie aufzuwachsen und wird zum Blender, Trickser und Narzissten… (Zusammenfassung von Wikipedia und Elli)

The story of the play is somewhat strange and not quite what I thought it would be, but it was a lot of fun to record my part and then to edit it all together. It’s my first attempt at editing a play and I’m rather pleased with the result. Here is the first act:

And the whole recording can be found here: http://librivox.org/kasperl-in-der-turkei-by-franz-graf-von-pocci/

Have fun listening! 😀

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At the moment I’m down with a rather bad cold and more or less spent the week in bed. After two days of feeling really awful, I’m somewhat better now… and rather bored.

To make the time pass faster I did a LOT of knitting. I started to knit a dress for myself (no pics yet) and worked a little on the lilac flower socks I started ages ago. In the pic below you can see my “test-dress”… I love the way it looks on the doll. Just hope the real one will look as good.


"test-dress" and more brain slugs

Also my Brain Slug now has a wife and the offspring is about to sprout antennae and legs. 😉

Apart from knitting I read a lot. I finished “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder and I’m already 2/3 done with “On the Banks of Plum Creek”, the next book of the series. I simply love the books! 😀

Oh and I have played almost every video game I could get hold of. Right now I’m totally addicted to “The Creeps” and “Battleheart“. I keep getting stuck and need K. to rescue me almost constantly but it’s fun.

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With the weather being SO disgusting over the last few weeks – rain and snow and rain again and more snow and some more rain – I had quite a bit of time for reading and knitting and doing lots of other stuff.

At the moment I’m working on another red hat…. mainly to get over the trauma  of my last red hat. (see my previous blog post ;)) Only this time I’m pretty confident, that it will turn out fine, as I already knit a white one with the same pattern for mum and I actually have a safety line this time. Here is mum’s:


White Foliage Hat

Pretty, isn’t it?

But of course I took a pic with the one mistake I made showing prominently. See if you can spot it. 😉 Anyway, all pattern details can be found as usual on my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/f22

For Christmas I got the “ Little House” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Best Christmas present ever! The books are simply wonderful… funny, interesting, sometimes scary and incredibly hard to put down. I started reading the third book on Sunday and I’m already half way through. I simply love them… though they have one major fault, they are WAY too short. 😉


Reading, reading, reading...

Also there are the most beautiful pictures on the books. Oh, and the descriptions are so vivid especially those about the food, that I get actually hungry just reading about it.

Apart from all that I did a lot of recording for LibriVox over Christmas. My newest solo, the one with the short stories for children is almost halfway done, though I somehow managed to delete an almost edited longish section. Grrrr!

Also I’ve started another BCing project yesterday. It’s “Heimatlos” by Johanna Spyri. It consists of two stories. I haven’t read them yet, so I can’t give any details .. but both of them start out really really sweet. 😀

Sooo, can’t think of anything more to write about….

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Clover” by Susan Coolige – my latest LibriVox Solo is finally finished.  Originally Neeru and I started it as a duet way back in June 2009, but I ended up reading it all by myself when Neeru got too busy.

So don’t be too surprised if the quality of the recording changes somewhat between chapters as I recorded all even ones still with my old mic and all odd ones with the new one. Also I’m glad to say that my editing improved a great deal over time. 🙂


"I'm a messender, you see, Fwom Hymen's Expwess Tumpany."

Anyway here is the lovely summary Neeru wrote:

Clover is the fourth book in the popular What Katy Did series. After Katy’s wedding, the focus shifts to her little sister Clover. Their brother Phil encounters serious illness in the winter, and Dr. Carr sends him with Clover to the mountains of Colorado. Clarence Page, their naughty cousin from the other books, lives nearby. He is a rancher now with an attractive English partner, Geoff Templestowe, whom Clover falls for… (Summary by Neeru)

I simply loved the book, especially as Clover  has  always been my favorite character in the “What Katy did” series. Acutally I think it’s the best of the whole series. It’s just the right amount of funny and interesting and sad. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 😀

Here is chapter 1:

And here is the whole recording: http://librivox.org/clover-by-susan-coolidge/

The other 4 “What Katy did” books can also be found in the LibriVox catalog: http://librivox.org/newcatalog/search.php?title=&author=Susan+Coolidge&action=Search

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Just a short post to show off the beautiful cover Sonja created for my latest LibriVox solo of “Der Weihnachtsabend” by Charles Dickens (Thanks so much, Sonja!!!):


Beautiful Cover for Scrooge

Isn’t it absolutely lovely???

Oh and here is my second lovely-super-comfortable-vividly-Santa-Claus-red-cabled-finglerless mitten. As you can see in the background, I finished this one while watching “Wives and Daughters“.  (I absolutely loved the movie and will probably listen to it next. There is wonderful audiobook version in the LibriVox Catalog: http://librivox.org/wives-and-daughters-by-elizabeth-gaskell/)


Cable mittens

All knitting details and the pattern can be found on ravelry. Here is my page for this project: http://ravel.me/aravis83/f1

Happy New Year, everyone!!! 😀

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Der Weihnachtsabend

Proudly presenting my finished solo recording of “Der Weihnachtsabend – Eine Geistergeschichte” by Charles Dickens… and I managed to meet my own deadline. (YAY me! ;)) It’s the German translation of the famous “A Christmas Carol”.Here is a proper summary of the book:

Der erste Geist

1843 verfasste Dickens den Roman A Christmas Carol (deutscher Titel: Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte) in der Absicht, die Aufmerksamkeit des Lesers auf die Not der Armen in der Gesellschaft Englands zu lenken. Am 19. Dezember 1843 wurde das Werk mit Illustrationen von John Leech veröffentlicht.
Der herzlose Geschäftemacher Ebenezer Scrooge wandelt sich zu einem gütigen, die Not der Menschen lindernden alten Herren. Dickens bedient sich hierfür der Mittel der Groteske: Am Heiligen Abend erscheint dem alten Geizhals der Geist seines verstorbenen Geschäftspartners Marley, der zu Lebzeiten noch

Der zweite Geist

geiziger als Scrooge war, und prophezeit Scrooge ein düsteres Ende für den Fall, dass er sein Leben nicht grundlegend ändere. Danach zeigt sich der Geist der vergangenen Weihnacht, welcher Scrooge in seine Kindheit zurückversetzt, gefolgt vom Geist der gegenwärtigen Weihnacht, der ihn ins Haus seines ärmlich lebenden Schreibers Cratchit und dessen Familie sowie in das Haus seines Neffen geleitet. Der Geist der künftigen Weihnacht schließlich führt ihn zu seinem einsamen Sterbebett und zeigt ihm seinen Grabstein. „Die Wege der Menschen deuten ein bestimmtes Ende voraus, auf das sie hinführen, wenn man auf ihnen beharrt. Aber wenn man von den Wegen abweicht, ändert sich auch das Ende“, erkennt

Der letzte Geist

Scrooge, läutert sich und wird fortan zu einem anderen Menschen. (Zusammenfassung von Wikipedia)

It was the first time I read the book and really loved it. Of course I was kinda familiar with it… there must be about a million of movies. But as usual the book is MUCH better than any of them. It’s just the perfect kind of sweet and creepy and interesting and funny. I loved it.

Anyway you can find the completed recording here:


Hope you’ll have as much fun listening, as I had reading! Merry Christmas!!! 😀

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Yesterday was a holiday here (YAY!!!) and having finished recording “Der Weihnachtsabend” by Charles Dickens (still have a lot of editing to do…d’oh!)  I started a new German solo. It is going to be a collection of cute, well known and not so well known stories for children. For now I have called the project “Erzählungen für Kinder” (Stories for children)… not very imaginative, but just couldn’t think of a better title.

Anyway the first story is from a picture book I particularly loved, when I was a kid. It’s called “Etwas von den Wurzelkindern” by Sibylle von Olfers . It tells about “die Wurzelkinder” preparing for spring and how they pass summer as flowers, blades of grass and beetles, till the cold automn weather forces them to return to mother earth.

Etwas von den Wurzelkindern

Here is my recording… be sure to look at the pictures, they are simply beautiful:

I’m still looking for more stories to record. So suggestions would be very welcome! 😀

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