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I know it’s a couple of days early, but as I probably won’t have time to post on Halloween itself, here is the beauty I carved this afternoon. Also, though it’s a little early, but…. Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

As you can see I didn’t carve the usual ugly face, but a cute little fairy instead. (At any rate I hope it’s recognizeable as a fairy!). In case you are interested in how I did it, here are a couple more pics of how the fairy ended up on the pumpkin. 😉

For the fairy I just googled for a suitable pic, which I printed out. You can also see a couple of different sized knitting needles and pins in the pic. They are for the fairy dust, which surrounds all fairies. 😉

Tinkerbell 1Here is the beheading and de-gutting: … in case you are wondering, why there is a second pumpkin in the pic, that one got turned into a proper scary Halloween face. (I’ll probably blog about him another time.)

Tinkerbell 2To keep the fairy pic in place I simply pinned it to the pumpking…..

Tinkerbell 3….and then I just used a pin to copy the fairy outlines directly onto the pumpkin:

Tinkerbell 4Here is the fairy already cut out:

Tinkerbell 5And here she finally is all cut out and ready for a candle:

Tinkerbell 6As a finishing touch I added a bit of fairy dust using different sized knitting needles:

Tinkerbell 7We don’t actually celebrate Halloween here, which is a real pity for that way we miss out on all the fun. No witches, zombies, ghosts, trick or treating and other fun stuff. Still I always have a great time creating at least some decorations. Anyway… Happy Halloween!

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