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Anna hat

A couple of weeks ago my little cousin Anna was christened and that gave me a wonderful opportunity to knit a couple of baby things. I love to knit baby stuff. Here is a hat I invented just for Anna.

Anna hat

Anna hat

Material: Lana Grossa Merino Superfein in 2 different colors, DPN’s size 3mm

CO: 80 stitches (the size of the hat is for a 6-9 months old baby)

Ribbing: k2p2 for about 3-4 cms or till you’ve reached the desired length.

Anna Hat

Anna Hat


Optional Increase round: increase by 8 stitces, evenly spaced during this round

k 2 rounds in the main color before starting the actual pattern, switch color

1.-3. round: k all stitches (for the pink stripe)

Switch to main color

4.-5. round: k all stitches

6. round: p all stitches

7.-8. round: k all stitches

Switch back to color for stripe

Repeat those 8 rounds 2 more times or till you’ve reached the desired length before starting to decreases. For the decreases place 8 evenly spaced stitch markers. Continue working the pattern while decreasing as follows:

1. round: *k till 2 st before stitch marker, k2tog, slip marker* repeat to end of round (or p if it’s the purl round)

2. round: k all stitches (or p all stitches if it’s the purl round)

Repeat those 2 rounds till only 4 stitches remain. You can now either just bind off or do a short icord before binding off. Sew in all loose ends and block gently. Happy knitting! 😀

Apart from the hat I also knit a dress for baby Anna. Well, acutally I started out with the dress and then found that I still had so much left over yarn, that I also made two hats and socks…

Matching Dress and Socks for Anna

Matching Dress and Socks for Anna

…and a Knubbelchen, which Anna absolutely loves.

Anna's Knubbelchen

Anna’s Knubbelchen

More pics and all the pattern details for the dress, the Knubbelchen and the other hat can be found on my ravelry page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/aravis83

The socks are my own pattern. They turned out really cute only she’ll need to grow a lot before they’ll actually fit her. 😉


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