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I had a couple of days off last week and so I had finally time to knit a “Strikkedukker” doll. The pattern is out of a book called “Strikkedukker” by Arne and Carlos. The book is really well written and detailed and so knitting was a pleasure… though all those small parts are quite fiddly to knit. Anyway, may I introduce you to Emilia Strikkedukker:



Emilia actually is quite a big doll. I’d say she’s about 40-45 cm tall and very slender… that’s also the reason she is so fiddly to knit. Still I just love how she turned out. All she needs now are some pretty dresses and skirts.



I gave Emilia quite a LOT of hair (almost 1 1/2 balls of yarn). She looks really awesome with all that hair and you can do all kinds of different hairstyles without having to worry that the skin of her head will show through. The only downside is that all that hair is so heavy that she has troubles keeping her head up. So she has an entire crochet hook in her body at the moment to stabilize the head.


Anyway, here is a closeup of her face… and the hair: 😉



On my ravelry page are all the yarn and needle details… and you can also watch her grow from just being one foot into a pretty fully grown doll: http://ravel.me/aravis83/7t8qn


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