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His Evil-ness ;)

In preparation for tomorrow’s Halloween party, I carved an absolutely wonderful Jack O’ Lantern out of a HUGE pumpkin. I got this beauty from a local farmer and it turned out just perfect for carving…

Acutally we don’t really celebrate Halloween here…. no witches, zombies, ghosts, gouls, trick-or treating and other fun stuff. It’s a real pity that we miss out on all of that. Oh well!

Here is the  be-heading:

The de-gutting: The “guts” will be turned into soup – lots of soup actually – eventually.

Getting eyes and teeth… lots of teeth!!!

…. finally here is His Evil-ness in all his evil splendor:


Happy Halloween, everyone!


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Knitting update

Just a tiny short post to show y’all the knitting projects I mentioned in my last post, which I finally finished up. At the top are my “Munich Glitterin’Goldie” Socks:

Munich Socks

I started to knit them during a lengthy drive to Munich for a daytrip. The pattern is from ravelry and I really enjoyed it. It’s easy and fun to do.. and also very easy for memorize after the first few repeats. The heel and toe are my usual ones and I also cast on fewer stitches than the pattern asked for, as my feet are pretty slim and the socks would have been way too big otherwise.  So I worked with 60 stitches instead and therefore only knit 5 stitches inbetween the increase and decrease parts of the pattern. Here they are on rav: http://ravel.me/aravis83/v06m5

The second pair of socks are mosaic socks and I started them way back in August, when K. and I were on our way to Köln to visit the Gamescom 2012. (It was pretty awesome there, btw.) At first I wanted to use one multicolored yarn as contrast color to the white one like it is shown in the pattern pics, but now I’m really glad I used solid colors instead. It makes the pattern show up way better this way.

Gamescom 2012 Socks

The pattern itself is a lot easier than it looks and I also love how they turned out… though for some reason I didn’t enjoy knitting them much. Oh and here is the pattern on rav.: http://ravel.me/aravis83/3sk74

And finally here is my new hat:

Red Lotus Hat

Doesn’t it good just great? I loved the pattern and it was supereasy and fast to do. It only took me a couple of hours to finish. At first I was a little worried that it would be too short, though I worked 4 pattern repeats as recommended, but after blocking it fits wonderfully and is just the right length.

Oh and did just one small change. As I was using smaller needles and yarn, I cast on an additional 12 stitches, which worked out perfectly. Here it is on rav.: http://ravel.me/aravis83/890lz

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At the moment I’m down with a rather nasty cold and after finishing up all the socks and stuff I started to knit over the past few months – except of course for my crazy sock yarn blanket – I decided to again work a couple of tiny hats for this year’s “Innocent Smoothie Hat Knitting”.  Underneath you can admire the first 3:

So far I’ve I have 3 hats completely finished and another 2 are in progress and if I don’t run out of ideas and left-over yarn I’ll do a couple more soon… so be prepared for more smoothie hats posts in the future. 😉

In case you are wondering, why anybody would be crazy enough to knit a hat for a smoothie…the whole thing is basically a charity stunt. For every smoothie that is sold wearing a self knit hat 30 Cents are donated to help elderly people through the winter. Besides of that it’s a lot of fun!

While knitting I watched a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones, which is amazingly good…. and that’s high praise from me. I’m usually VERY picky when it comes to movies about books I’ve read before, especially when it’s a book I loved. But they didn’t spoil it and even the choice of characters is pretty good, though the Eddard Stark of my imagination was way more handsome than the actor. 😉

The only thing about the series, that is really annoying is that they did an awful job with the German translation. It would have been better, if they’d left a couple of words untouched, especially the names…. even Casterly Rock got turned into Casterly Stein, which is just plain stupid. Oh well…  it’s a good thing Dvds let you switch to English.

Anyway, back to those smoothie hats. Here is my ravelry page with the usual yarn/needle details. No patttern details this time, as I made everything up while knitting. http://ravel.me/aravis83/b6ikq

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A couple of days ago I started a new solo recording for LibriVox. It’s called “Wintermärchen für Kinder” by Luise Büchner, who you can see in the picture below. It’s a fairly short book and as it’s a Christmas book I’m hoping to complete it by then… we’ll see. 😉

Luise Büchner

Here is how the book starts out:

 »Liebe Tante,« sagte eines Abends, grade acht Tage vor Weihnachten, die kleine Mathilde, »du erzählst mir immer von dem Christkindchen, aber gar nichts von seiner Mama. Sage mir doch, wer sie gewesen ist und wo sie gewohnt hat.« »Nun, wenn du hübsch ruhig sitzen und zuhören willst und der Georg auch, dann will ich euch alles erzählen, was ich von dem Christkindchen, von seiner Mama, dem Knecht Nikolaus und dem Eselchen weiß.«….

The book is about a little girl called Mathilde, who asks her auntie a couple of days before Christmasl to tell her something about the Christ Child’s mother too and not always only about the Christ Child himself…. and so each day leading up to Christmas the good auntie tells her a story.

So far I’ve recorded (still need to edit though… Ugh!) the first 2 stories and I just loved them. The first is about Frau Holle and how she helps the good people. In the second story, which is connected to the first one, Frau Holle askes the Nikolaus for help…. but if you’d like to know more you’ll have to listen for yourself. 😉

For starters here is my recording of the intro:

Enjoy! 😀

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