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Can’t believe it’s been more than a month between my last post and this one! June really did fly by! As y’all can imagine I’ve done a lot of knitting in the past month and there is lots to show off again. First of all I started a “big” project again!

Elphaba sweater in progress…

The pattern is called “Elphaba pullover” and it is by the same designer, who also wrote the pattern for the waves cardigan I knit earlier this year. It is a top-down sweater with a lovely lace edging for the body of the sweater and the sleeves. As you can see in the pic (don’t mind the skirt I’m wearing – it toally doesn’t got with the sweater but I was too lazy to change just for the pic) the main part of the knitting is done and I’m working on the sleeves now.  Here is my ravelry page for the project:  http://ravel.me/aravis83/l6fya

Of course I also have a couple of socks to show off. In the first pic are the socks I started way back in May. I finally got them done last week during a rainy afternoon while watching several episodes of Game of Thrones. K. loves them.

Finished socks for K.

And here is another pair. I knit those during a longish train ride to V. on the Pentecost weekend, when I visited N. The pattern is from ravelry and is called “Overkill- Socks”. I loved the pattern, but if I should ever so them again I’ll definitely use a different yarn. The yarn was absolutely awful to knit with (though the colors are simply beautiful) and I’m pretty sure it will felt dreadfully when I wash them for the first time. It already did during knitting and so I never even dared to block them. Ugh!


And finally here is the pair of socks, which is currently in progress. It’s a combination of eyelets and cables. The pattern is my own invention… I’ll probably put it either here or on rav. when the socks are finished. But that has to wait till my Elphaba sweater is done as I’m SO impatient to wear it.  😀


Just to prove that I occasionally do something else than knitting too, here is a picture of the cupcakes I baked today. At the moment I’m totally into cupcakes. Today I did a batch of yummy nut-coconut ones and another with just lots of choc. Yum! I know that there should be some kind of cream on top, but I prefer them with just a little bit of choc as a topping.


Oh and of course I still occasionally record for LibriVox. At the moment it’s mostly my solos and for the German Grimm’s fairy tales collection. Here is one of the fairy tales I recorded:

The first of the fairy tale collections can be found here: http://archive.org/details/kinder_hausmaerchen_1206_librivox


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