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Bead Socks

As promised here is the pattern for my bead socks. For the socks I used 2,5 needles (US1 I think), my fav. sock yarn (Lana grossa Meilenweit 100 Cotton Stretch) and of course matching beads (Rocailles 2,6 mm opak gelüstert gemischt.)

Bead Socks

Before starting to knit put the beads on your yarn. If you do it with the same number of cast on stitches I used, each stripe requires 20 beads, so that makes 120 beads per sock. That’s quite a lot and working becomes quite tedious because you have to move all those beads along the yarn as you go.  So after doing the first sock with all the beads on the yarn from the beginning, I only put half of them on the yarn for the second sock and just cut the yarn and added the rest after finishing the 3. stripe.

Also to get the beads on the yarn I found it easiest to use a piece of very thin wire. I created a kind of needle by bending it in the middle and twisting the long ends together. By slipping the yarn through the tiny “eye” of the needle and by picking up the beads with the other end, it only takes a couple of mins to get a huge amount of beads on the yarn. Here is a pic of it… not a very good one though:

So here is what I did exactly:

Co 60 stitches and distribute evenly on DPN (15 stitches per needle)

Ribbing: k2,p1 for about 10 rows (or till you’ve reached the desired length)

Bead Pattern: knit 5 rows before starting with the stripes

1. stripe: *k2, bring the yarn to the front of the work, bring bead into position and slip 1 stitch (for me it works best if I position the bead as close as possible to the last knit stitch before slipping the next stitch)* repeat to end of row

k 3 rows

2. stripe: *k1, bring the yarn to the front of the work, bring bead into position and slip 1 stitch, k1* repeat to end of row

k8 rows before repeating the bead pattern 2 more times (or till you have as many stripes as you like), work another 15 rows before working you fav. heel/rest of sock.

Bead socks (close up)

Oh and here is my project page on rav. with a couple more pics: http://ravel.me/aravis83/uqbpu

Happy Knitting!!! 😀


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