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Today I finally finished a pair of mittens for K. Yay, me! 😉 He has been nagging for a little over a year to knit him Goomba mittens to go with his Goomba Hat. Originally he wanted one with a “healthy” Goomba (like the one I did on the left) and one with a squished Goomba, but I just couldn’t find a way of making that Goomba look good. So we settled on doing the original Super Mario from the 8-bit NES game.

Super Mario & Goomba mittens

For the mittens I used size 2,5 needles (US 1) and worked with my favorite Lana Grossa Merino Superfein yarn. As I did the mittens for K. and as his hands are pretty big, I cast on 56 stitches. The ribbing is k1, p1 for about 5 cms followed by 3 rows of 3k, 1p.

Then I knit 7 rows before starting the tumb increase and working the chart. For the increases place marker, kfb, k2, kfb, place marker knit to end of round working chart. Knit the next two rows (always working the chart), before working another increase round as before. Increase till there are 18 stitches between the markers. Work another 5 rows before slippling those 18 stitches onto some spare yarn and then knit till it has the desired length. For the ribbing I did 3 rows in k1 p1 before binding off.

Super Mario Chart

For the thumb, pick up the stitches from the spare yarn and pick up another 3 between the thumb and the palm. Then knit to the desired length. Work again 3 rows of k1p1 before binding off.

The chart for Super Mario is above and the one for the Goomba can be found on my rav. page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/4jcmh

Lilac mittens

And here is another pair (well actually two pairs) of mittens I did for mum, which I simply need to show off. 😉

Here are the lilac gloves on rav.: http://ravel.me/aravis83/wbj8i and here are the black ones: http://ravel.me/aravis83/6bys3


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Last weekend, K. and I had a great time trying out shrinky dinks. I did the Hypnotoad – All glory to the Hypnotoad – from Futurama and Blinky, the 3 eyed fish from The Simpsons, who lives in the lake behind the nuclear power plant. K. did the Triforce symbol from Zelda and something, which I can’t remember from some other video game. It was such fun! Here are some pics:

Hypnotoad in progress

We used a pencil to draw a draft of the outlines before we did them in more detail with a very fine black marker. Afterwards we colored everything with simple colored pencils. The hole on the top of each we did with an ordinary hole puncher. I was little worried that the holes might be too large, but it shrank SO much, that it’s now the perfect size to draw a string through them.

Here are our shrinky dinks right before shrinking. I put a 1 Euro coin next to them for reverence.

Before shrinking…

And here they are after shrinking. They shrank so much that all of them are really tiny now, especially Blinky.

…and after shrinking!

Doing them was fast and real fun. Oh and I just love how they turned out. 😀

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Red Hat

As it’s SO cold here, I just had to knit a hat for myself too. The pattern is out of a lovely book called “Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks“… at least I think it is. I noted it down so long ago, that I can’t really remember where I found it. Also I had to modify it somewhat, as it origianlly was designed for gloves.

Red Hat

Doesn’t it make a lovely pattern for a hat too?

The yarn is Schachmayr Bravo Big, which I got on sale shortly before Christmas. It is cosy and warm, but was a real pain to knit. I don’t think I’ll work with it again.

For the hat itself I cast on 48 stitches with size 8 (US 11) needles and then just followed the pattern…. all other details are on my rav. page as usual:  http://ravel.me/aravis83/1udbw


Oh and here is Kitty having fun with the extra pom pom I made just for her out of some old left over sock yarn.

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