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Super Mario Bros Opera

If you love Super Mario you absolutely have to watch this. I think it’s the very best opera I’ve ever seen. 😉

Isn’t it absolutely great?  😀

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It’s such a pity that we don’t have a proper Halloween, with witches, ghosts, zombies, trick-or-treating and other fun stuff here.  Still I had a wonderful time carving out this “beauty” for today’s party:

My Jack O’Lantern

Doesn’t he look great (though his teeth are crooked and in desperate need of braces ;))?

He did an awesome job as main decoration and his guts made a wonderful super-yummy soup with cute cheese bats in it. Also we tried out the Snap-Dragon Game, about which I read in one of Agatha Christie’s novels. The game is about grabbing as many rasins as possible out of a plate of burning brandy. It was splendid fun though I only managed to get out one raisin.

Anyway, a Happy Halloween everyone! 😀


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