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A couple of mintues ago, I uploaded my 400. LibriVox recording! 😎

400 sections!!!

It took me almost exactly a year to record 100. sections and by chance it’s again a text I recorded for the German “Adventskalender“… only of course this time it’s the one for 2011. 😉 (The Adventskalender is a collection of 24 texts for each day leading up to Christmas. All texts are about Christmas, snow, fir trees, Santa Claus, cookies, reindeer… and other winter and Christmas related stuff. )

So here is my 400. section:

It’s a beautiful poem called “Weihnachtslied” by Christian Fürchtegott Gellert and that’s how it starts out:


[167] Dieß ist der Tag, den Gott gemacht;
Sein werd in aller Welt gedacht!
Ihn preise, was durch Jesum Christ
Im Himmel und auf Erden ist!

Die Völker haben dein geharrt,
Bis daß die Zeit erfüllet ward;
Da sandte Gott von seinem Thron
Das Heil der Welt, dich, seinen Sohn….

Have fun listening! Oh and here are my other 399 recordings: 😉



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