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For yesterday’s 6. Anniversary of LibriVox we of course did a special collection too, which consists of 66 lovely texts with the number six somewhere in the title. It was a lot of fun to look for such texts in German and even more fun to record them. Of course I just had to record 6 texts… most of which are fairy tales. 😀

Anyway here is the “offical summary”:

What do you do for a sixth anniversary? We challenged our readers to find any short works which had ’six’ in the title – in any language. The result? LibriVox in all its glorious diversity: sixty-six recordings of poetry, song, short stories, folktales, science fiction, historical documents, travel, art, science and mathematics, in Dutch, English, French and German, from Euclid to the Ziegfeld Follies. (Summary by Ruth Golding)

And here is one of my 6 recordings. It’s called “Sechse kommen durch die ganze Welt” by Gebrüder Grimm:

If you feel like listening to more stories, poems and others text with the number six in them, have a look at the catalog page: http://librivox.org/librivox-6th-anniversary-collection/

Have fun listening! 😀


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