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My Giant Plush Microbes have become a few more companions. 😉


May I introduce you to Bookworm (the longish, curved, light yellow one with the cute teeth and big brown eyes in the back row), Herpes (yellow one who looks a bit like the sun, also in the back row), Yeast (the fat round one on the very left), Scum (the little brown one who is trying to hide), Fat Cell (the beige grumpy looking one next to Scum), White Blood Cell (the pure white one on the very right), Bed Bug (the pink one in the fron row with all those red legs), The Clap (the prominent blue grey one in the middle) and lastly Tooth Decay (the cute white on the very right in the front row).

Aren’t they cute? Currenty they are all infesting my bookshelf, but some will eventually get new homes. 😉


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