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Yesterday I finished a project I’ve wanted to do for ages… well ever since I knit those brain slugs back in February or March. It’s one of those brain slugs (Futurama) attached to a very simple knit hat. 🙂

Brain Slug Hat

The pattern for the hat is from “Knitting from the top down” by Barbara G. Walker. It was amazingly easy and fast to knit. It only took me a little more than one day to finish it and it turned out really well …and it actually fits. I’m rather proud of myself, because I usually don’t do too well with hats. See this earlier post. 😉

For the brain slug I used a pattern I found on ravelry. I love that pattern for it’s easy to knit and the slugs look just right, except for the tenacles maybe. Anyway for the hat I had to modify the slug a little. The base I knit according to pattern, but I made the body considerably shorter and did faster decreases at the top. So my slug is a lot smaller and “fatter” than the one in the pattern. 😉

Also I didn’t do tentacles. Instead I knit 5 “triangles”. For those I picked up about 8-10 evenly spaced stitches from the base (from the underside of the knitting so that it isn’t visible when you look at the slug).  I did those in garter stitch, decreasing by 2 stitches every other row, till there were only 2 stitches left. I pulled the yarn through those 2 and sewed it in. 🙂

Here is my brain slug hat on ravelry: http://ravel.me/aravis83/bs2


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