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After finishing my colorful dress, I didn’t much feel like starting another “big” project immediately. So I spent the last few weeks knitting small stuff… cute bunny egg cosies and socks, socks, socks. 😉

The first pair of socks I started way back in November or October, but other projects got in the way and so I only finished them a couple of weeks ago.

For the ribbing I used about 3 cms of k1p1. The pattern itself is a rather simple eyelet pattern (with one eyelet on top, two eyelets on the left and right of the first in the following row and one eyelet beneath those two in the next row) with 8 rows of plain knitting inbetween… worked over 60 stitches, if I remember correctly. Anyway I just love the way it turned out.

Lilac Flower Socks

I also made up the pattern for my second pair of socks, which I call “Spiraling Eyelet Socks”.

It’s a really simply pattern worked over 64 stitches. The ribbing is also k1p1 for about 3-4 cms. The pattern itself is just 4 evenly spaced eyelets in every other round, which are moved forward by one stitch.

Spiraling Eyelet Socks

Right now I’m working on “Bubble Socks”, which so far look absolutely lovely but are a real pain to knit.

Btw the patter is of course from ravelry and can be found here!

Bubble Socks

Btw. I’ve used 2.5 needles for all projects and the yarn is “Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch“, which is the perfect yarn for socks. It’s wonderfully soft, somewhat stretchy and simply awesome to work with. Also I just love the colors! 😀


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Happy Easter!

Just a short tiny post to wish all of you a very Happy Easter!!! 😀

Easter Bunny Egg

Btw. the bunny pattern and a couple more pics can be found on my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/erecp

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