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Spring seems to be finally coming… for now anyway. (I guess there is still plenty of disgusting weather in store for us. ;))

Last week it was still rather cold and grey and disgusting and an icy wind was blowing making it even colder, but since Friday the weather has changed. It has become almost too warm for this time of year and the snow has started to melt… even the first “Schneerosen” (winter roses) are starting to poke their heads through the snow.  🙂



Today  I even sat outside in the sun (warmly wrapped up of course) and knit for almost a whole hour! YAY!

Oh, and I just realized that I never posted a pic of the red hat I knit for myself a couple of days ago. Here it is:


my red hat

I’m rather proud of it. It actually does fit and is really comfortable to wear and there are no obvious mistakes! (For pattern details see my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/f3 ) 😀


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