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Yesterday I cataloged my very first dramatic work at LibriVox. It’s a short German play called “Kasperl in der Türkei” by Franz Graf von Pocci. Here is a short summary:

Kasperl in der Türkei

Franz Graf von Pocci, der „Kasperlgraf“ verfasste mehr als 40 Kasperlstücke für das Marionettentheater mit Themen aus der Märchen- und Sagenwelt sowie Beiträge für die Münchener Bilderbogen. Seine Kasperlgeschichten ranken sich um den Kasperl Larifari, der jedoch kein netter Held, sondern eine eher ambivalente Figur ist. Larifari weist auch dunkle Seiten auf und ist als ein nie erwachsen gewordener Erwachsener zu verstehen. Er hat nie die Chance, in einer intakten Familie aufzuwachsen und wird zum Blender, Trickser und Narzissten… (Zusammenfassung von Wikipedia und Elli)

The story of the play is somewhat strange and not quite what I thought it would be, but it was a lot of fun to record my part and then to edit it all together. It’s my first attempt at editing a play and I’m rather pleased with the result. Here is the first act:

And the whole recording can be found here: http://librivox.org/kasperl-in-der-turkei-by-franz-graf-von-pocci/

Have fun listening! 😀


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Just a tiny post today to properly show off all the brain slugs I knit for K. during the last couple of days.


Brain Slugs

These brain slugs are such fun to knit and also superfast. (For the pattern and yarn details have a look at my ravelry page… the link is in one of my earlier posts.)

Kitty wasn’t too happy about having to model the slugs and took out her frustration on the striped one. 😉


A brain slugs worst enemy...

I’m glad to say the slug survived, but will need some extra attention recover full health. 😉

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At the moment I’m down with a rather bad cold and more or less spent the week in bed. After two days of feeling really awful, I’m somewhat better now… and rather bored.

To make the time pass faster I did a LOT of knitting. I started to knit a dress for myself (no pics yet) and worked a little on the lilac flower socks I started ages ago. In the pic below you can see my “test-dress”… I love the way it looks on the doll. Just hope the real one will look as good.


"test-dress" and more brain slugs

Also my Brain Slug now has a wife and the offspring is about to sprout antennae and legs. 😉

Apart from knitting I read a lot. I finished “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder and I’m already 2/3 done with “On the Banks of Plum Creek”, the next book of the series. I simply love the books! 😀

Oh and I have played almost every video game I could get hold of. Right now I’m totally addicted to “The Creeps” and “Battleheart“. I keep getting stuck and need K. to rescue me almost constantly but it’s fun.

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Today I knit a lovely Brain Slug for K. and now I just have to show it off.  😉

brain-slugged Kitty 😉

It turned out absolutely perfect and was super-easy and fast to knit… and I learned something new:  I-cords (or whatever they are called)!!!

In case you are wondering, brain slugs are those gooey, slimy, green things that attach themselves to people’s heads and control them in Futurama.

Anyway as usual the pattern and all details can be found on my rav. page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/bs

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Just a short post to introduce you to Peter Rosegger’s “Waldbauernbübel”. It’s the latest German addition to the LibriVox Catalog. 😀

The book is part of a larger collection called “Waldheimat” and deals with Peter Rosegger’s childhood in a Austria.

“Das Waldbauernbübel” ist nichts anderes, als eine Sammlung von Erlebnissen und Erfahrungen aus dem Jugendleben in der Waldheimat. Die Erzählungen sind in sehr verschiedenen Zeiten entstanden. Sie bleiben stehen wie sie gewachsen sind, doch habe ich ihre Formen und Launen noch einmal scharf unter das Gewissen genommen… (aus “Vorwort” von “Das Waldbauernbübel” von Peter Rosegger)

Here is one of my chapters:

It’s about a blind woman called Jula, who comes to live on Peter Rosegger’s farm and who minds the children and helps with the animals.

And here is the whole project: http://librivox.org/waldheimat-erzahlungen-aus-der-jugendzeit-erster-band-das-waldbauernbubel-by-peter-rosegger/

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Spring seems to be finally coming… for now anyway. (I guess there is still plenty of disgusting weather in store for us. ;))

Last week it was still rather cold and grey and disgusting and an icy wind was blowing making it even colder, but since Friday the weather has changed. It has become almost too warm for this time of year and the snow has started to melt… even the first “Schneerosen” (winter roses) are starting to poke their heads through the snow.  🙂



Today  I even sat outside in the sun (warmly wrapped up of course) and knit for almost a whole hour! YAY!

Oh, and I just realized that I never posted a pic of the red hat I knit for myself a couple of days ago. Here it is:


my red hat

I’m rather proud of it. It actually does fit and is really comfortable to wear and there are no obvious mistakes! (For pattern details see my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/f3 ) 😀

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