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The tear in K’s favorite-pair-of-at-home-jeans had become so large lately that half his knee was poking out, whenever he sat down. He probably wouldn’t have minded and just let the tear grow larger and larger…. but mum threatened to throw them away and so I was “allowed” to have a go at fixing them. 😉

Well I don’t know how to sew properly and we couldn’t find a large enough patch,  so K. had the idea of knitting one and sewing it on. Good idea… but I simplyfied it a little. 😉

Here is what I did instead:

First of all I used a long piece of colorful yarn and sewed it all around the tear… trying to keep the stitches even and not pulling them too tightly.

Then I used 4 size 3 double points to pick up stitches from the inside of my sewing. It’s hard to get the same number of stitches on every needle. So after simply knitting the first round , I decreased until I had the same number of stitches on every needle.

After that everything is really easy. I knit all even numbered rounds and decreased by 4 stitches  in the other rounds. Those decreases should be at left and right edges, so that the tear slowly starts to close up.

Do this as often as needed, until the tear is “closed enough”. For the remaining, in my case 10 stitches I used a kind of “kitchener stitch” to close up the gap and that’s it.

I’m rather happy with how it turned out, though I knit the patch a little too tightly. K. says that it’s very comfy to wear, as the patch is nice and strechty and that it doesn’t  even look as bad as he feared. 😉

As usual all details about needles and yarn be found my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/jp

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