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The tear in K’s favorite-pair-of-at-home-jeans had become so large lately that half his knee was poking out, whenever he sat down. He probably wouldn’t have minded and just let the tear grow larger and larger…. but mum threatened to throw them away and so I was “allowed” to have a go at fixing them. 😉

Well I don’t know how to sew properly and we couldn’t find a large enough patch,  so K. had the idea of knitting one and sewing it on. Good idea… but I simplyfied it a little. 😉

Here is what I did instead:

First of all I used a long piece of colorful yarn and sewed it all around the tear… trying to keep the stitches even and not pulling them too tightly.

Then I used 4 size 3 double points to pick up stitches from the inside of my sewing. It’s hard to get the same number of stitches on every needle. So after simply knitting the first round , I decreased until I had the same number of stitches on every needle.

After that everything is really easy. I knit all even numbered rounds and decreased by 4 stitches  in the other rounds. Those decreases should be at left and right edges, so that the tear slowly starts to close up.

Do this as often as needed, until the tear is “closed enough”. For the remaining, in my case 10 stitches I used a kind of “kitchener stitch” to close up the gap and that’s it.

I’m rather happy with how it turned out, though I knit the patch a little too tightly. K. says that it’s very comfy to wear, as the patch is nice and strechty and that it doesn’t  even look as bad as he feared. 😉

As usual all details about needles and yarn be found my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/jp


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With the weather being SO disgusting over the last few weeks – rain and snow and rain again and more snow and some more rain – I had quite a bit of time for reading and knitting and doing lots of other stuff.

At the moment I’m working on another red hat…. mainly to get over the trauma  of my last red hat. (see my previous blog post ;)) Only this time I’m pretty confident, that it will turn out fine, as I already knit a white one with the same pattern for mum and I actually have a safety line this time. Here is mum’s:


White Foliage Hat

Pretty, isn’t it?

But of course I took a pic with the one mistake I made showing prominently. See if you can spot it. 😉 Anyway, all pattern details can be found as usual on my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/f22

For Christmas I got the “ Little House” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Best Christmas present ever! The books are simply wonderful… funny, interesting, sometimes scary and incredibly hard to put down. I started reading the third book on Sunday and I’m already half way through. I simply love them… though they have one major fault, they are WAY too short. 😉


Reading, reading, reading...

Also there are the most beautiful pictures on the books. Oh, and the descriptions are so vivid especially those about the food, that I get actually hungry just reading about it.

Apart from all that I did a lot of recording for LibriVox over Christmas. My newest solo, the one with the short stories for children is almost halfway done, though I somehow managed to delete an almost edited longish section. Grrrr!

Also I’ve started another BCing project yesterday. It’s “Heimatlos” by Johanna Spyri. It consists of two stories. I haven’t read them yet, so I can’t give any details .. but both of them start out really really sweet. 😀

Sooo, can’t think of anything more to write about….

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Over Christmas I started to knit a red hat to go with the red mittens, I blogged about earlier. Well, knitting hats is always problematic to put it mildly. For some reason they never turn out quite right… but this one was a true disaster.

Anyway, it all started with my finding the cutest pattern for a hat on ravelry.  Here is my rav page with a link to the pattern: http://ravel.me/aravis83/f2

So I got some lovely Santa Claus red wool and started to knit. But for some reason my pattern turned out looking completely different from the ones shown on rav:

jinxed red mushroom hat #1

On reading the instructions more closely I realized that it was a top down pattern. (D’oh!). So I ripped it all out and started over… top down this time:

jinxed red mushroom hat #2

After knitting for a while and ripping it out 2 more times because I had miscounted at some point and the pattern had started to look funny, I noticed that my hat was rather smaller than it was supposed to be. So I re-read the instructions and realized that the pattern asked for size 4,5 needles and yarn instead of size 3 needles and yarn which I had used. So I ripped it all out AGAIN. ARGH!

As I neither had size 4 needles nor yarn I decided to modify the hat slightly and to practise knitting top down at the same time:

jinxed red mushroom hat #3

It was my first attempt at knitting something that way and it was fun and amazingly easy… I thought. I also managed to include that foliage pattern and was really ,really pleased with the result… till I tried it on:

jinxed red mushroom hat #4

Don’t let yourself be fooled by how it looks in that pic. As it turned out the hat was lovely but WAY too big for my head. Careful counting of the stitches revealed that I can’t count. I increased till I had 144 stitches instead of 128, as I had carefully calculated beforehand. Not wanting to rip it all out again I decided to block it and hope for the best:

jinxed red mushroom hat #5

Well, it didn’t shrink, quite the opposite in fact. Even putting it into the washing machine, washing it really hot or letting it soak for ages in hot soapy water didn’t make it shrink even the tiniest bit. Grrrrrr!

So Kara had the brilliant idea of putting a plate into it and trying to turn it into a beret:

jinxed red mushroom hat #6

It actually worked, though it’s still somewhat too bit and looks really great… as long as I don’t wear it.  I look like  a  mushroom, if I do. Maybe I should embroider it with white dots. 😉

Anyway here is the finished hat, which I’ll probably NEVER ever wear:

jinxed red mushroom hat #7

From this knitting project I learned 3 things:

  1. Read ALL instructions from beginning to end BEFORE starting
  2. Careful calculations are useless if you can’t count 😉
  3. Blocking doesn’t shrink

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Clover” by Susan Coolige – my latest LibriVox Solo is finally finished.  Originally Neeru and I started it as a duet way back in June 2009, but I ended up reading it all by myself when Neeru got too busy.

So don’t be too surprised if the quality of the recording changes somewhat between chapters as I recorded all even ones still with my old mic and all odd ones with the new one. Also I’m glad to say that my editing improved a great deal over time. 🙂


"I'm a messender, you see, Fwom Hymen's Expwess Tumpany."

Anyway here is the lovely summary Neeru wrote:

Clover is the fourth book in the popular What Katy Did series. After Katy’s wedding, the focus shifts to her little sister Clover. Their brother Phil encounters serious illness in the winter, and Dr. Carr sends him with Clover to the mountains of Colorado. Clarence Page, their naughty cousin from the other books, lives nearby. He is a rancher now with an attractive English partner, Geoff Templestowe, whom Clover falls for… (Summary by Neeru)

I simply loved the book, especially as Clover  has  always been my favorite character in the “What Katy did” series. Acutally I think it’s the best of the whole series. It’s just the right amount of funny and interesting and sad. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 😀

Here is chapter 1:

And here is the whole recording: http://librivox.org/clover-by-susan-coolidge/

The other 4 “What Katy did” books can also be found in the LibriVox catalog: http://librivox.org/newcatalog/search.php?title=&author=Susan+Coolidge&action=Search

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Just a short post to show off the beautiful cover Sonja created for my latest LibriVox solo of “Der Weihnachtsabend” by Charles Dickens (Thanks so much, Sonja!!!):


Beautiful Cover for Scrooge

Isn’t it absolutely lovely???

Oh and here is my second lovely-super-comfortable-vividly-Santa-Claus-red-cabled-finglerless mitten. As you can see in the background, I finished this one while watching “Wives and Daughters“.  (I absolutely loved the movie and will probably listen to it next. There is wonderful audiobook version in the LibriVox Catalog: http://librivox.org/wives-and-daughters-by-elizabeth-gaskell/)


Cable mittens

All knitting details and the pattern can be found on ravelry. Here is my page for this project: http://ravel.me/aravis83/f1

Happy New Year, everyone!!! 😀

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