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Now that Christmas is over I can finally show you what I have been working on during the past few weeks. I did another Hermione Hat and a matching pair of mittens for H. as a Christmas present. They are exactly like the ones I knit for myself earlier this year, with the only difference that they turned out a lot better this time.

Hermione Mittens and Hat

Sorry about the “furry” pic. Kitty was feeling rather neglected  at the time (too much knitting and not nearly enough petting) and I absolutely couldn’t convince her to let me take a “catfree” pic. Anyway the pattern for the hat can be found on ravelry and the one for the mittens in one of my earlier posts. (A link to my other hat and mittens as well as to the hat pattern is also there.)

And here is my current knitting project… lovely-super-comfortable-vividly-Santa-Claus-red-cabled-finglerless mittens for myself.

Cable Mittens

Aren’t they just lovely? I did the whole mitten while watching Lord of the Rings  (all 3 parts ;)) yesterday and it took me “only” 3 tries of ripping it all out and redoing from scratch to get the perfect size. Reading the instructions properly the first time probably would have helped a great deal. I used a much thinner yarn and of course much smaller needles than was suggested…. anyway casting on 50 stitches instead of 45 did the trick in the end. But I’ll post all details when they are done and ready to be shown off properly. 😉


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