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Kara and I finished our tiny duet of “My Very First Little German Book” by Anonymous yesterday. It’s an incredibly cute English – German children’s book with beautiful pictures.

Die Muscheln

Here is the “official” summary:

An adorable picture book with 29 little lessons in German. Learn many simple and useful phrases, such as “How big the sea is!” and “Have you ever been to the farm?” The English parts of the book are read by Kara, and the German parts by Elli. You can read along and look at the pictures at: http://www.read.gov/books/german.html (Description by Kara)

Recording it was such a lot of fun. Kara read the English parts and I did the German ones…. Kara did the whole editing (Thanks!!! 😀  and we cataloged the whole thing together. FUN!

I really hope we find some more English- German books for future duets.

Anyway here is our recording in the LibriVox Catalog: http://librivox.org/my-very-first-little-german-book-by-anonymous/


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Just a short post to show off the tiny Christmas Stocking ornament I knit today (and there will surely be more over the next few weeks):

My tiny Christmas Stocking

It turned out so well and was amazingly fast to knit. All in all it took me about 1 1/2 hours, though I went wrong somewhere in the pattern and ended up having a lot more stitches at the end of the “heel” part. (Compensated that with doing a few more decreases in the following rounds…. but in spite of that the outcome is almost perfect.)

The pattern is just lovely and can be found here: http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/photos/free_pattern/stockings6.html

The book against which I’m modeling my tiny stocking is called “Coraline & other stories” by Neil Gaiman. (It’s one of those books, of which I’m not sure whether I will like it or not, but the story reminded me so much of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” that I just had to get it.) It just happened to be on the top of my “books-to-read” pile and also had the perfect background color for my stocking. 😉

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Goomba Hat

Today I finished knitting the “Goomba Hat” for little bro:

Goomba Hat

Doesn’t he look fierce?

I just love the way it turned out. The pattern is brilliant… it not only makes the hat look absolutely like a real Goomba (especially if the wearer has a HUGE head ;)), it’s also really, really easy to knit. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was sewing in all the loose ends, of which there are about a million. Oh and I changed the mouth slightly. Instead of sewing in a bit of yarn for the mouth, I just knit the according stitches.

The original pattern can be found for free on ravelry.com or on the author’s homepage.

Details about the yarn and needles I used can be found on my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/gh

In case you are wondering about Goombas. They are enemies from the Super Mario Video games. That’s how the look origianlly:

And here is a link to them on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goomba

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Just a short post to show off to progress my villagers are making (and to prove that they are still alive ;))

My "productive" villagers

One of my one and only male villager was very “productive” overnight, as you can see in that pic. 😉


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My latest LibriVox solo is finally done and cataloged. It’s Heinrich Hoffmann’s well-known “Struwwelpeter” and another really lovely story, I didn’t know called “König Nussknacker und der arme Reinhold”.  It’s about a sick boy who dreams of a magic land in which toys come alive.


König Nussknacker und der arme Reinhold

Here is my recording of König Nussknacker (Struwwelpeter can be found in one of my earlier posts):

Oh and here is the Catalog page: http://librivox.org/zwei-kindermarchen-by-heinrich-hoffmann/

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I have been playing Virtual Villagers 3 – The Secret City for a while now and love it! The game is just awesome and really, really addictive. (Only the fact that it crashes occasionally without saving is annoying.)

Yesterday I woke up to find my carefully raised and well looked after villagers like this:


"my villagers"


Apparently my so called “master farmers” stopped their farming over night (probably  because they wanted a pay rise ;)) and so all my poor villagers died of starvation!

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