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With Halloween coming up, I decided to knit a pair of proper Halloween socks for myself. The pattern is from ravelry.com and a link to it can be found on my project page (aravis83).

Halloween socks

It’s my first attempt at knitting with different colors and it’s a LOT harder than it looks. Actually the whole thing is a real mess… I’m constantly getting entangled, everything twists and turns, there are huge loops of yarn in the back and at one point even a nasty snarl, I couldn’t get rid of. In fact I’ve probably spent more time untangling things than I have spent with the actual knitting.

I’m just glad the Jack O’Lanterns are recognizeable in spite of the hideous mistake I made. (Miscounted the stitches at one point and only realized much later and just couldn’t face ripping it and doing it over again.) Perhaps that’s the reason, why my pumpkins don’t look as scary as I would have liked. ­čśë

Apart from my “knitting woes”, I’ve managed to produce the most wonderful (and probably most embarrassing) blooper yesterday, when recording the first chapter of “Der Weihnachtsabend” (A Christmas Carol), my new solo.

What I’m trying to say is: “…Der Inhaber einer kleinen, jungen Nase, benagt und angebissen von der hungrigen K├Ąlte, wie Knochen von Hunden benagt werden, legte sich an Scrooges Schl├╝sselloch, um ihn mit einem Weihnachtslied zu erfreuen…”

I ended up reading the sentence like this: “…legte sich an Scrooges <insert longish pause with a deep exasperated sigh> Schl├╝sselloch…”! Editing fixed it nicely! ­čśë


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