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Yesterday I finished my “Hermione Mitts”… just in time as the weather turned from pleasant warm late automn sunshine to foggy cold Halloween rain.


Hermione Mitts

For my mitts I modified that pattern I used for the Hermione Hat, I did some weeks ago. I worked it on 48 stitches with k1, p1 rib around for about 5 cm. The actual pattern I only worked on the front side of the mitt with 14 stitches: k4, p5, k6, p5, k4 following the instructions from the Hermione Hat pattern exactly. (The other side is just plain knit)

For the increase: knit two rounds plain after ribbing, then begin increases; knit two rounds plain, then increase two stitches on right side and two stitches on left side. Repeat for a total of three times, ending with increase round. Then, *knit two rounds pain. Next round: increase two stites at thumb. Work k2tog YO twice at opposite side of the mitten. Repeat from * for a total of three times. (Thanks so much, Kara for sorting out my knitting instructions! 😀 )

I just love the way it turned out. They are just a tiny bit too large for my hands, but that probably makes them just extra comfy! 😀

Details and more pics are as usual on my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/hceh3

Apart from knitting I’ve lately become addicted to playing Trainyard. It’s awesome and lots of fun! One of the best puzzle games ever and it lets you upload your solutions. I just love comparing my with those of others. Here are mine… all of them are of course the only proper way of solving the puzzles: http://www.trainyard.ca/4jtx

Also I’m thinking about doing another short German solo, now that my Struwwelpeter solo is done. I want it to be done in time for Christmas… but I’m not telling yet, what it is going to be! 😉



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