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I’ve been really busy this weekend… well, just where knitting and prooflistening is concerned. 😉 I had 9.3 hrs of listening “to do” when I started on Friday. Now I’m down to just 5.1 hours.  Anyway my “colorful cable socks” are finally done and they turned out just as I hoped they would.

My "colorful cable socks"

I love the colors and just couldn’t resist modeling them against the sky, especially as we finally had the first really fine and even warm (almost warm) autumn day. Hope it stays that way for a bit!

More pics and all details are on my ravelry page: http://ravel.me/aravis83/ccs

Hermione Mitts

With the socks finished, I started “Hermione Mitts” today. I’m using the pattern I already used for the Hermione Hat, only slightly modified. Wonder how they will turn out! 😀




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