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Just a quick post to show off the beautiful CD Cover Hokuspokus made for the Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection 003! Thanks, Hok! ­čśÇ

Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection 003

Isn’t it absolutely perfect? I must confess that I’m totally in love with the pic!

Btw. here are the other two fairy tales I recorded for the collection. The first one is called “Die vier kunstreichen Br├╝der” by Gebr├╝der Grimm. It’s about four brothers venturing out into the word to learn a trade and to make their fortune:

The second one is called “Des Teufels russiger Bruder” also by Gebr├╝der Grimm. It’s about a poor soldier making a deal with the devil :

Listen! It’s fun! ­čśÇ

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A couple of weeks ago I re-discovered a lovely German fairy tale called “Zwergenm├╝tzchen” (roughly translated it means “Dwarf’s Hat”) by Ludwig Bechstein. It used to be one of my very favorite tales and I really enjoyed recording it for LibriVox now.

Oh, and if you get the chance, read along. The text really has the most beautiful pictures, some of which you can see here.


It is a cute tale about three brothers and their sister. While their father is very fond of the girl, he deeply dispises the boys. And so they decide to try to get a “Zwergenm├╝tzchen”. The first two brothers get caught in the attempt and are made to serve the dwarfs. But the third and youngest brother, who is cleverer than the other two, manages to get hold of such a “Zwergenm├╝tzchen”, which not only makes the wearer invisible but also makes him the ruler over all the dwarfs…

Hope you enjoy listening as much, as I did recording it! ­čśÇ


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I had a couple of days off this week and since I wasn’t feeling too well and as the weather was incredibly disgusting…. gray, cloudy, windy, cold and rainy… I had a lot of time to fool around indoors. So while catching up on my prooflistening for LibriVox, I started to knit some more socks. (I love socks…┬á as all of you have probably noticed by now. ;))

Colorful "Cable" Socks

Above you can see my very first attempt at knitting cables. It’s rather easy to do them, though having yet another additional needle can be really confusing. But in spite of constantly getting tangled up,┬á losing count of the knitted rows and searching for one needle or another… I think it looks pretty good already.

Eyelet Socks

And here you can see my first attempt at knitting “eyelets”. In case you are wondering, eyelets are those tiny holes… it took me quite a while to find out what they are called and it took me even longer to figure out how to do them.┬á Actually I had some help. (Thanks so much, Kara!!! :D)

But once you know what you are doing, they are really easy to knit and look very pretty. The first sock is almost finished. ­čśÇ

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