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Das Natterkrönlein

I just couldn’t resist recording another one of those wonderful fairy tales with the beautiful pictures for LibriVox. (See my post about “Zwergenmützchen”)

Das Natterkrönlein

The fairy tales I chose this time is called “Das Natterkrönlein“, which mean roughly translated “The snakes crown”. The story has been written (or edited… I forgot which) by Ludwig Bechstein.

It’s a story about a poor servant girl, who has to milk her master’s cows every evening and who never forgets to put a few drops for the small snake, who lives there too, aside. One day her master finds out about this and gets so furious that he sends her away. But before she leaves the snake gives her the corwn she is wearing…. listen, if you’d like to know how it ends! 😉

I just love the pics. Here is the text on Project Gutenberg. (Choose the html version to see the pics.)

Das Natterkrönlein


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