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Yesterday the 26th “Sammlung kurzer deutscher Prosa” got cataloged.

Japanische Märchen

This collection consists of 15 short German texts. Those text can be anything that is in the public domain, provided it does not rhyme. So most collections are an interesting mixture of fairy tales, more serious non-fiction texts and lots of others.

Here is one of the japanese fairy tales I recorded for the last collection. It’s called “Wenn Kobolde tanzen” written by Karl Alberti. I like those tales a lot, though they are often quite disgusting. This one is too:

And here is another one I particularly liked, though it has a rather queer ending. It’s called “Der unbeerdigte Vater” by Max Dauthendey:

Lately I’ve taken a real liking to the collection. Believe it or not, it’s a lot of fun hunting for short PD texts to record…. and I’ve already discovered quite a number of lovely texts, I’d probably never have read otherwise. 😀

Japanische Märchen


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