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Strange Stories

Lately I’ve developed a great liking for the author Max Dauthendey. His stories, at any rate those I’ve read and listened to so far, are really interesting and somewhat strange… but a good kind of strange.

Max Dauthendey

For the current “Sammlung kurzer deutscher Prosa” I’ve recorded two of his stories.

One is called “Zwei Reiter am Meer”, which means “Two Riders by the Sea”. It’s a beautiful story about somebody being invited to a dinner. It’s the dinner after the funeral of the family’s only son. The visitor strongly feels the dead son’s presence everywhere in the house and he is deeply touched by the grieving mother and her playing her son’s music on the piano. As you can imagine the story is rather sad, but very, very beautiful and I liked it a lot.

The other story is called “Likse und Panulla” and is about two women being arrested after being found drunk in the streets the previous night. They share the same cell and when somebody hands them a sponge soaked with brandy, they start to fight. The fight which starts out comical turns very serious quickly and both women end up dead.

In case you liked the stories, there are a couple more in the LibriVox Catalog and the full text can be found on Project Gutenberg.

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Eyelet Socks

As promised a couple of posts/weeks ago, here are my finised “Eyelet Socks”:

Eyelet Socks

They turned out really beautiful and were quite easy to knit, though I had huge difficulities figuring out how to do those eyelets at first. But the best is that they are amazingly comfortable to wear. 😀

As usual full details can be found on ravelry.com: http://ravel.me/aravis83/es

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Nighttime visitor

For the last couple of nights we had a very noisy “nighttime visitor”. Yesterday I finally managed to get a pic of him. Meet Mr. Hedgehog:

Our Nighttime Visitor

Isn’t he cute?

He comes every evening after dark to get his share of Kitty’s dinner. Kitty isn’t too pleased with this arrangement, but after getting pricked a couple of times she lets him be.

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Das Natterkrönlein

I just couldn’t resist recording another one of those wonderful fairy tales with the beautiful pictures for LibriVox. (See my post about “ZwergenmĂŒtzchen”)

Das Natterkrönlein

The fairy tales I chose this time is called “Das Natterkrönlein“, which mean roughly translated “The snakes crown”. The story has been written (or edited… I forgot which) by Ludwig Bechstein.

It’s a story about a poor servant girl, who has to milk her master’s cows every evening and who never forgets to put a few drops for the small snake, who lives there too, aside. One day her master finds out about this and gets so furious that he sends her away. But before she leaves the snake gives her the corwn she is wearing…. listen, if you’d like to know how it ends! 😉

I just love the pics. Here is the text on Project Gutenberg. (Choose the html version to see the pics.)

Das Natterkrönlein

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Yesterday the 26th “Sammlung kurzer deutscher Prosa” got cataloged.

Japanische MĂ€rchen

This collection consists of 15 short German texts. Those text can be anything that is in the public domain, provided it does not rhyme. So most collections are an interesting mixture of fairy tales, more serious non-fiction texts and lots of others.

Here is one of the japanese fairy tales I recorded for the last collection. It’s called “Wenn Kobolde tanzen” written by Karl Alberti. I like those tales a lot, though they are often quite disgusting. This one is too:

And here is another one I particularly liked, though it has a rather queer ending. It’s called “Der unbeerdigte Vater” by Max Dauthendey:

Lately I’ve taken a real liking to the collection. Believe it or not, it’s a lot of fun hunting for short PD texts to record…. and I’ve already discovered quite a number of lovely texts, I’d probably never have read otherwise. 😀

Japanische MĂ€rchen

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Completely forgot to mention it, but there is also an awesome 5th Anniversary Podcast:

Here is the LibriVox page to the podcast, where you can find everybody who contributed: http://librivox.org/2010/08/10/librivox-community-podcast-114/

Listen! It’s fun! 😀

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LibriVox is celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary today!!!


FĂŒnf in einer Schote

For this very special occasion 3 very special 5th Anniversary Collections were cataloged today.

What do you do for a fifth anniversary? We decided to have a collection of short works with a difference. We challenged our readers to find any short works which had ‘five’ in the title – in any language. They have done us proud, and the collection extends to three volumes of short stories, poems, fairy tales, memoirs, non-fiction and bible readings, in six languages…

Here are all 3 volumes: Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.

I read 3 German texts for the collections… one for each. Two of them are fairy tales and the other is a kind of text on the senses.

“FĂŒnf in einer Schote” by Hans Christian Andersen

Die fĂŒnf Fragen” by Johann Wilhelm Wolf

Daß mehr als fĂŒnf Sinne fĂŒr den Menschen sein können by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Join us! It’s fun! 😀

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