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Just a short post to tell you all about a really sweet book, called “The Singing Mouse Stories” by Emerson Hough, which got cataloged today. It’s about:

The Singing Mouse Stories

The Singing Mouse Stories

The singing mouse tells tales of nature in songs. This book is for those who want to know how the mountains ate up the plains, what the waters said or where the city went. (summary by Nadine)

I did the prooflistening, so if you find any reapeats, coughs, sneezes or other weird stuff, I’m to blame. Also I read chapter 4 “What the Waters said”

Here are the first lines and my recording of chapter four:

The fire was flickering fitfully and painting ghostly shadows on the wall. It was winter, and late in winter; indeed, the season was now at length drawing near to the end of winter,…

If you have gotten interested, the whole recording can be found here:


Oh, if you have the time, best read along. The book has such beautiful pictures. (Just click the pic to get transported to the PG page.) 😀


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