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Today I finally finished my very first self-knit sweater AND it actually fits!!! YAY!!!

My very first self-knit Sweater

My very first self-knit Sweater

I started it some time around Easter with the idea of making a light  “spring sweater”, but well, it took “slightly” longer. Guess I’ll be wearing it as an autumn sweater instead. 😉

Amazingly I found knitting this sweater a lot easier than knitting my hat and I had less trouble finding the right size. Actually it fits astonishingly well and is very comfortable to wear.  It even looks ok… only it wouldn’t have hurt to make it slightly longer. Perhaps I’ll post a pic of me modelling it some time…. 😉

Even more astonishing is, that I only had to start over once… and the reason for this is called Kitty. The pic underneath was taken about a minute before Kitty decided that a ball of wool is an interesting play thing and tore everything apart. Grr!

Kitty and sweater

Kitty and sweater

I loved every minute of the actual knitting. It’s such a fun thing to do while listening to audiobooks or watching TV. But weaving in all those loose ends and sewing all the parts together was just plain awful. So unless I find a way to knit it all in one piece, I probably won’t do another sweater any time soon.

Btw. I’ve posted a couple more pics of the whole process on flickr. (You can find the icon with the link on the right side, at the bottom.)


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