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Last weekend I’ve recorded another short fairy tale in German for the current “Sammlung kurzer deutscher Prosa”. It’s a really cute fairy tale by the brothers Grimm called ” Die weiße und die schwarze Braut”. That roughly translates as the whilte and the black bride.

It’s about a good and a bad sister and their meeting god. Of course there is a bad stepmother, who is an evil witch on top of everything and who stirs things up nicely… oh and there too is a handsome prince and a rather violent ending.

Listen! It’s fun! 😀

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So much has recently happened on LibriVox and I didn’t even have time to post about everything. Guess I’ll just sum up the most “important” things here.

First and most important of all, I got invited to the LibriVox Admin Team a couple of days ago! That’s SO cool, but I guess it will take me a while to get used to it… and to read up on everthing there. 😎

Two of my BCing projects got done:

And i’ve finally had time to record again and so here is a short fairy tale (in German) by the brothers Grimm:

Enjoy! 😀

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