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Feeling a lot like reading some poetry for a change, I not only recorded the Weekly Poetry but also the Fortnightly Poetry for LibriVox. It’s called “Lydia is gone this many a year” by Lizette Woodworth Reese.

So here is my version of it:

LYDIA is gone this many a year,
Yet when the lilacs stir,
In the old gardens far or near,
The house is full of her.

They climb the twisted chamber stair;
Her picture haunts the room;
On the carved shelf beneath it there,
They heap the purple bloom.

A ghost so long has Lydia been,
Her cloak upon the wall,
Broidered, and gilt, and faded green,
Seems not her cloak at all.

The book, the box on mantel laid,
The shells in a pale row,
Are those of some dim little maid,
A thousand years ago.

And yet the house is full of her;
She goes and comes again;
And longings thrill, and memories stir,
Like lilacs in the rain.

Out in their yards the neighbors walk,
Among the blossoms tall;
Of Anne, of Phyllis, do they talk,
Of Lydia not at all.

Isn’t it beautiful? …maybe a little too melancholy, but I like it! 😀

If you’d like to hear other versions, here are 16 more to choose from.


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