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I’ve read lots and lots lately, but I’ve never gotten round to blogging  about any of them. Anyway, a couple of days ago I finished reading two really good ones called “Thursday’s Child” and “Ballet Shoes for Anna”.  The author of both is Noel Streatfield. Here are short summaries:

Ballet Shoes for Anna” is a very sweet book about three children coming to live with their strict uncle, after having lost their parents in an earthquake. Against their uncle’s wish and in secret the three children do everything to earn money for Anna’s dancing lessons…

I enjoyed the book very much, though the style of writing is rather unusual and it took some getting used to.

Thursday’s Child” is about Margaret Thursday, who as a baby was found on the steps of a church on a Thursday morning along with a note, entrusting her to the care of the church and promising 52 pounds per year. The first 10 years of her life Margaret is looked after by two elderly ladies, but when the money fails to come, Margaret is sent to an orphanage. On her way there she meets three children, of whom the two little boys are going to the orphanage too, while their sisters is to become a scullery maid.

The orphanage is poor, the children never have enough to eat and the Matron is a cruel woman. After a couple of unpleasant incidents Maragret feels forced to run away together with the two boys…

It’s a charming book and beautifully written. I enjoyed it so much, that I could hardly put it down. If you can, get hold of a copy and start reading. 😀


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