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“Allerleirauh”, or “The many-furred creature” by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm is one of my fav. fairy tales. It is a cute story about a princess running away from home after her father, the king declares that he intends to marry her…

Acutally he only does that in the German version. The version is somewhat watered down… there he only plans to marry her to somebody else, whom she does not love. (…which totally ruins the story if you ask me! ;))

Anyway as it happens I recorded the story twice (once in German and once in English). The first time way back in August with my old Logitec Desktop Mic. I liked it very much, for it gives a really decent sound qualitly without making you sound too tinny and it’s pretty cheap. But it also picks up every tiny noise, which is very annoying if you are using a laptop to record.

The second time I recorded Allerleirauh in English with my new Zoom H2. The Zoom is quite expensive, but it’s totally worth it. The sound quality is wonderful, it does not pick up too much background noise and an added bonus is that you can use it as USB Mic as well as a portable one. The only drawback is that my recordings never get quite as loud as I’d like them. I always have to amp. by about 5 dB.

Listen and let me know what you think! 😀


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