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The House of Arden

Recently another of my BCing projects got cataloged. It’s Edith Nesbit’s wonderful “House of Arden” which is the first book of the House of Arden series.

Here is a short summary (Meg and I were struggling with it for days, while it took Neeru about 5 mins to come up with this beautiful one. ;))

The House of Arden

This novel describes how Edred and Elfrida Arden and their Aunt Edith embark on a treasure hunt through time – for the famous Arden family treasure. With help from the magical creature Mouldiwarp, they find a whole lot of excitement and adventure. They need to discover the missing fortune before Edred’s tenth birthday – or it will never be theirs. (Summary by Neeru)

Listen! It’s just too good to miss!

Oh, and in case you’d like to volunteer at LibriVox, I’ve just started “Harding’s Luck“, which is the second book of the House of Arden series. 😉

Btw. if you like Edith Nesbit, there a quite a few in the LV Catalog. I recently listened to “The Railway Children” and loved it!


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