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Last weekend I’ve recorded another German short story called “Posthuma” by Theodor Storm. He is one of the best German authors in my opinion… I just wish that his stories weren’t quite so sad. But perhaps I just manage to pick out the sad ones… who knows. 😉

The story is about a grave being left untended, then one day flowers appear and later on a modest, little cross. If you wanna find out why, you’ll have to listen! 😉

If you wanna read along, just click HERE.

There are a lot more German short stories, which can be found HERE. Oh, and if you wanna try recording visit LibriVox.


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Yet another quickie post to show off my latest knitting project. OMG, you won’t believe how many nerves this thing cost me. What you see here acutally  is the third attempt… the first one got bucket shaped, pulled it apart (forgot to take a pic… was too frustrated). The second one got baby sized, pulled it apart too (forgot to take a pic as well… :roll:)

But the third attempted finally worked out… all good things really do come in threes.  😉

Knitted Hat

Knitted Hat

…and here it is in better contrast against my fav. Indian shawl:

My Knitted Hat on one of my Indian Shawls

My Knitted Hat on one of my Indian Shawls

For this hat I used this pattern, which luckily is pretty easy and quick to do. (Provided of course that you have a clue of what you are doing, how to read knitting patterns and how to calculate the right size…)

But in spite of all that I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. It now only needs a proper button and I guess a little more color couldn’t have hurt…

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Just a quick post in order to test my new wordpress space upgrade. Today I recorded a short novella in German called “Wenn die Äpfel reif sind” by Theodor Storm. (Roughly translated the story title is as follows “When the apples are ripe”)

It is a story about a boy trying to steal apples and being caught in the act. But a rather unexpected turn of events and a naughty trick lead to an unexpected ending…

Click here to listen:

If you’d like to read along, the text can be found HERE.

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My two solo projects now have really beautiful CD Covers. Neeru created the one for my very first solo of “In the High Valley” by Susan Coolidge…

In the High Valley CD Cover

In the High Valley CD Cover

…and Hokuspokus did the one for “Der kleine Lord” by Frances H. Burnett.

Der kleine Lord CD Cover

Der kleine Lord CD Cover

Aren’t they just lovely? Thanks so much you two!

Oh, btw. clicking on the pics will take you directly to the Catalog page, where you can get the whole audiobook.

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The House of Arden

Recently another of my BCing projects got cataloged. It’s Edith Nesbit’s wonderful “House of Arden” which is the first book of the House of Arden series.

Here is a short summary (Meg and I were struggling with it for days, while it took Neeru about 5 mins to come up with this beautiful one. ;))

The House of Arden

This novel describes how Edred and Elfrida Arden and their Aunt Edith embark on a treasure hunt through time – for the famous Arden family treasure. With help from the magical creature Mouldiwarp, they find a whole lot of excitement and adventure. They need to discover the missing fortune before Edred’s tenth birthday – or it will never be theirs. (Summary by Neeru)

Listen! It’s just too good to miss!

Oh, and in case you’d like to volunteer at LibriVox, I’ve just started “Harding’s Luck“, which is the second book of the House of Arden series. 😉

Btw. if you like Edith Nesbit, there a quite a few in the LV Catalog. I recently listened to “The Railway Children” and loved it!

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Falling leaves

I recenlty came across the book “Falling leaves” by Adeline Yen Mah, when cleaning out my bookshelf. As this book used to be one of my favorites, the “tidying mission” was of course immediately abandoned and I started to read.

Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen MahI won’t post a summary here, though I guess I must mention that the book is an autobiography, in which the author tells about her childhood as an unwanted Chinese daughter. (If you’d like to read a proper summary, just click the book title right at the beginning… I linked it directly to Adeline Yen Mah’s homepage).

Anyway, I could barely put the book down, (and that’s saying something, as I’d read it before… more than once).

It’s beautifully written and the story is probably one of the most touching, I’ve ever read. Occasionally the book is very sad and sometimes I found it hard to keep cool at the injustices, she suffered at the hands of her family. In short it’s an amazing book and I’ll certainly reread it some time! 😀

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Rofl… listen to Dave Carroll‘s 3. United Breaks Guitars Song… so much fun! 😀

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