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Last week I finally finished my German Solo. It’s Frances Hodgson Burnett‘s “Der kleine Lord“, which in the orginal is called “Little Lord Fauntleroy”. (click booktitle for etext) Here is a short summary:

Der kleine Lord

Der kleine Lord

Cedric Errol, ein kleiner Junge aus New York, wird von seinem kaltherzigen englischen Großvater, dem Earl of Dorincourt, trotz der standeswidrigen Ehe seines verstorbenen Vaters, als einziger Nachfolger für den Grafentitel bei sich aufgenommen und aufgezogen. Seine Mutter, eine bürgerliche Näherin, darf dasAnwesen aufgrund von Voreingenommenheit und Standesdünkel des Earls nicht betreten.
Nach und nach aber schafft es Cedric, mit seiner freundlichen Art das Herz des Großvaters zu gewinnen…
(Zusammenfassung von Wikipedia und Elli)

Listen to chapter 1:  derkleinelord_01_burnett

I hope you’ll enjoy the listening experience as much as I did reading the book.  Click here to get the whole book!!!

I started this Solo way back in May 2009 (not even a month after joining LibriVox) and it’s very special to me.  It more of less chronicials my time spent recording for LibriVox almost from the day I joined until now. In the course of this solo project:

1. I completely changed my reading style (and hopefully improved it too)

2. I got a fancy new mic (which brought a huge number of new difficulties… will blog about it some time soon)

3. changed my recording software (from Audacity 1.2.6 to Audacity 1.3.7.)

4. developed editing skills (at least I think I did)

5. discovered noisecleaning (acutally I changed headphones and the new ones all of a sudden made me realize the awful hum my computer was producing)

6. completely changed my method of levelling and amplifying

7. and did my very first attempt at doing different voices (I hope I managed to keep them consistant)

I could list many more things, but I think that’s enough!  So please forgive slight inconsistancies in qualitly, reading style… and just enjoy yourselves! (In case you like F. H. Burnett, there are several other books by her in the LV Catalog)


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