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Charcoal pencils

After a really long pause of practically drawing nothing, I really started to feel like doing it again last week. But, alas I could no longer find my old, much beloved drawing pencil. (Actually it’s a just an ordinary one… something you get everywhere. But somehow this oneĀ  was special andĀ  just perfect for drawing.)

So I’ve treated myself to my first real set of charcoal pencils. They are super awesome and came with a lot of additional things (some of which I’ve never seen before… but I guess YouTube will soon remedy that ;))

Anyway here is something I’ve done about a year ago, with my old drawing pencil:

Drawing with ordinary pencil
Drawing with ordinary pencil

And here is the same motive drawn with the new charcoal ones. I love the outcome, though it’s just a rough draft:

Drawing with charcoal pencil
Drawing with charcoal pencil

In case you are wondering, the original I’ve copied is the cover of F. H. Burnett’s “A little princess“. I’ve somewhat aged Sarah, but well I think there still is a fair likeness.

(Sorry for the poor pic quality… I’ve just done a quick iphone shot of the. Somehow it’s really difficult to get them digitalized without altering them completely. )


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