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My cute pink socks (ya, I’m talking of the oddly colored ones I did myself ;)), of which I’m still incredibly proud, have decided to be come larger and larger and larger… Don’t ask me what I did wrong, but they are getting bigger by the minute. At first they were a wee bit too tight, but now they are huuuuuuuuuuuge… but they are still really comfortable, though they no longer look stylish (let’s not go into defining that word… but what else would I say abt. them ;))

I’ll post a pic next time with one of them in comparison to one of my normal ones! It’s well worth seeing.

Something completely different now. There is another super awesome LibriVox Community Podcast #109 out. Neeru and Dii did the hosting this time. The podcast is about the past year and everything we hope to achieve next year. Also it’s got a couple of segements from 2009ers talking about their achievements (Me included of course, though Neeru read it out for me…. sore throat, yet AGAIN)!

Anyway, have fun listening! 😀


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