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During the last two weeks I’ve been incredibly busy with work, weekend courses, a bad bout of sniffles and lots of other stuff. (Sorry everybody for not checking responses and answering in time! :() Anyway now I’m back in full force…

First of all another of my BCing projects had made it into the catalog. It’s Frances H. Burnett’s “Theo“, which is a sprightly love story. (That’s how Project Gutenberg discribes it at any rate!) I’ve prooflistened a couple of chapters, but well listening to a group project with chapters coming in all over the place it’s hard to keep up with the story. It’s a really good book, but it somehow lacks the charm of F. H. Burnett’s children’s books…. anyway I’ll probably blog about it seperately once I’ve listened properly!

Speaking of BCing, I’ve started another project… Ok I admit it, I’ve started two… somehow my plans of cutting back a bit never seem to work out! 😉 One of them is the “Orange Fairy Book” by Andrew Lang, who collected, translated and edited fairy tales from all over the world. I love fairy tales and his colorful fairy books are a real treasure. Acutally there are already a few of them in the LibriVox Catalog… but the rainbow is not yet complete!

The second new project is “The house of Arden” by Edith Nesbit! The story sounds lovely… so far I’ve skimmed the first few chapters. Besides Meg, who’s prooflistening (YAY!!!) has talked so much about it, that I couldn’t help but get really curious… Can’t tell you much about it yet, just that it sounds like splendid fun. At any rate, come and join us in getting it recorded!

Something completely “unlibrivoxy” now… I’ve started to knit socks! Why I let myself be talked into it, still is beyond me. The last time I did anything of the kind was way back in school… I *think*I did a shawl (or was it gloves… never mind, I never wore it, it was ghastly), which grandma ended up doing for me. Oddly enough I’m really enjoying it now… perhaps it’s the age! 😉 So far I guess my knitting is going ok… at least judging by Kara‘s instructions and the vids, she sent me. If I ever pluck up the courage (and if it’s starting to look like a sock), I’ll post pictures…


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