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It’s such a pity that we don’t have a proper Halloween over here. I’d really love to see Jack O’Lanterns, ghosts, witches, zombies and ghouls everywhere. We acutally did get a few more trick-or-treaters than usual this year. They were so cute and so glad to find somebody who knowns it’s Halloween (and has candy ;)).

Halloween cookies
My self made Halloween cookies

But apart from that everybody here seems keen on just ignoring the day completely… so all we get is Christmas decorations everywhere starting in early September and lasting almost to New Years Eve. A bit of ghosts and ghouls inbetween wouldn’t hurt.

Anyway I used Halloween as an excuse to make “early” cookies… with lots of ghosts, witches, fallen angels, bats, vutures, pumpkins… the whole works. They actually turned out to be super yummy!

Instead of Halloween, all we have is All Saints Day today, which is today and NO fun at all. It only involves visiting the cemetary and be seen. The whole cemetary is usually completely crowded and you get to see great aunts and uncles, you didn’t even know you had… 😉

Anyway a late Happy Halloween everybody! 😀


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