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Yesterday I’ve finished my very first English Solo recording for LibriVox! It’s “In the High Valley” (link to etext) by Susan Coolidge.

As I’ve promised in one of my earlier blog posts here is a proper summary of the book (but of course I’ll just try to make it sound too good to resist and therefor won’t give too much away ;)):

Elsie Carr

"No one would have suspected that she had skimmed two pans of cream"—Page 166.

“In the High Valley” is the fifth and last book of the popular “What Katy did” series by Susan Coolidge.
The story starts out with Lionel Young and his sister, Imogen who set out for the picturesque but remote High Valley (America), leaving their hometown Devonshire (England) behind.
Lionel wants to take the share in Geoffrey Templestowe’s cattle business. Imogen, owing to her prejudices against America and the American way of life, finds it hard to adjust to life over there.
Clover Templestowe, now happily married and living in the High Valley, at first finds it very trying to get on with Imogen.
A lot of events ensure in the course of which we meet again with Rose Red, get news from Cousin Helen and of course meet Katy again… until it all finally ends in a lovely double wedding! (by Neeru and me)

It was a lot of work to get it recorded, but every second I spent on it was absolutely worth it!  The book is so beautifully written and it’s great to see the characters “grow up”. (The “What Katy did” series had been one of my most fav. ever since my childhood and I know the first three books really well). Therefor I’m glad Susan Coolidge brought the series to such a charming and lovely ending. 😀

Anyway the book is recorded and prooflistened and currently just awaits getting cataloged! At this point I really want to say thanks to Hokuspokus, who has MCed (and been a great support ) and to mim@can, who  did a great job prooflistening (and put up with my weird accent ;))

In the High Valley Archive Page

Proudly presenting my very first LibriVox Solo reading of “In the High Valley“!!! (In case anybody is wondering it’s absolutely free and legal to download my recording.)

Have fun listening! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it!

(“What Katy did” and “What Katy did at school” are complete and can be found in that LibriVox Catalog! “What Katy did next” is still in progress as a group project and I’m half way done with “Clover”… I really hope to get them both cataloged by the end of the year!  So hang on there and have fun with the other ones in the meantime! ;))


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