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My Betsy - Tacy books! :)

My Betsy - Tacy books! 🙂

As usual there are lots and lots of things to tell….

…but most important of all my “Betsy – Tacy” books by Maud Hart Lovelace have arrived! Years ago I read one or two books of the series and I’ve been wanting to read them all ever since (but well they were rather hard to come by here). So I was quite overjoyed when I discovered that a couple of them have been reprinted by Harper Collins! And here they are!

I can’t tell you much about them yet, since I haven’t read them yet and can’t remember the ones I read too well! 😉 But I promise to do a proper review the moment I’ve turned the last page!

Btw. if you click the “Harper  Collins” link you can have a nice peek into them and see for yourself!


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