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Foto(2)Two days ago, I lost my favorite ankle bracelet. I’ve had it for 3 or 4 years and I really loved it! =( Well it was just a cheap, self made one, but still it’s loss really vexed me… (and it still does!)

The bracelet in the picture is of the old one. The new one I made yesterday is almost similar. Only this time I just used the light and the dark orange beads with a black background as well. Perhaps I’ll post a picture of it later on. (provided that i remember to take one ;))

Ok, enough whining about a lost bracelet now. Btw. if anybody feels like making one him/herself I’ll gladly share the secret! B-)

Yesterday I made my first attempt of doing something like a lasagna. Actually it was not a real one but more like a mixture of a lasagna and canneloni.

I’m rather sorry that I forgot to take a pic, as it did look divine and it even tasted alright. Well, I forgot the salt and the noodles were not completely done (The sauce, which I “oversalted” made up for the lack nicely). But at least this time I didn’t really burn anything! (OK, Ok the tops were slightly too dark.. )


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