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A song of Ice and Fire

<Sorry, everbody who hasn’t had the pleasure of reading those splendid books so far, but this blog post contains a few SPOILERS>

“A song of Ice and Fire” is a series consiting of 4 books so far and there are more to come. The author is George R. R. Martin, who is currently working on the 5. book.

The series is one of my absolute favorites. I read them for the first time last summer (and I’m currently rereading it) and was utterly enchanted. George R. R. Marin creates a whole new world on its own, with it’s own flaws and beauties. At first the story gives the strong impression of being set somewhere in the Middle Ages, but as it progresses things really turn mystic/fantastic.

The whole story is told from the different point of view of the various characters. This is what really makes the books so fascinating. Each character is carefully thought through and each single one of them plays an important role that intertwines constantly. With each of them too a different story line is started…

In spite of all this there is no clearly defined good or evil. All through the whole story one is constantly surprised. F. ex. The passionately hated villain all at once appears from a very different light… and all at once it is doubtful wether is decisions really were that cruel…

Ok, I’ll stop ranting now. I just love those books and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one. Btw. there is one small downside about those books. The author really has a knack for killing off just the characters I love most… 😉 (I still can’t quite forgive him for killing first Lady, then Eddard Stark, followed by Rob and Catelyn…. wish he had left the Starks alone. )

I wont write a full plot. But everybody who is interested can find more information at  Wikipedia!


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