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Today the LibriVox Community Podcast 106 went online! This time it’s about the 4th LibriVox anniversary!!!

Happy birthday, LibriVox!!!

The Podcast is a tribute to the last 4 awesome years… (of which I’ve only been part for the last 4 months. ;)) It’s wonderful to listen to lots of different people sharing their thoughts, hear about the first baby steps of LV or poetry read out in different languages… and of course Neeru and my section about “The ten things we love about LV”.

So everybody, who is starting to feel curious by now, should click HERE to listen!!!


Moving on to an older Podcast now!!! LibriVox Community Podcast 104Since I’ve discontinued my old blog, due to computer troubles…. I’ll use the opportunity to talk a little about the podcast Neeru and I hosted a couple of weeks ago!

It was the LibriVox Community Podcast 104, which can be found HERE. This podcast was about:

*quoting myself from old blog* “We are talking about LibriVox Addiction and about how LibriVox is invading our lives. *note to self: must remember to write about LibriVox soon*
For this we got lots of fellow Librivoxateers to record their symptoms, which vary from weird Librivoxy dreams to imaginations that run wild. It’s great fun to listen and it was even more fun to put everything together.

At this point I want to say thanks to everybody who did contribute and especially to Neeru, who persuaded me to join, wrote most of the script and spent hours fiddling with the editing. I’m already totally looking forward to our next Librivoxy project. 🙂 ” *unquoting myself*

Btw. here can you find what Neeru wrote about our Podcast!



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